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What's the best way to handle persistent tardiness?

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John Wilcox

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in The HR Specialist Forum

Question: “We have a few exempt employees who consistently arrive late to work. They get their work done, but their erratic schedules inconvenience other employees. Is this a counseling issue? What’s the best way to have that conversation? Or do we need to crack the whip and institute a formal attendance policy? If so, does anyone have some language I can borrow?"—Amy, Philadelphia


As a part of our staff handbook, every employee, exempt or non, is expected to be available during normal business hours (7:30am - 4:30pm). This sets the expectation for the exempt employee and gives us a basis to counsel them on.

Some exempt employees are newer to management and are not accustomed to a flexible schedule. A discussion is had early on reminding them they are professionals wi...(register to read more)

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