What’s the best source for salary information?

Question: “I’m desperately seeking salary information for both our industry and the geographic markets in which we operate. Can HR Weekly Forum readers steer me toward web sites that have this kind of information? Where else should I be looking besides on the Internet?”—Gloria, Kansas


I recently had an issue with my employees all feeling as if they were underpaid. I spent allot of time researching various sources and was very happy with salary.com. It gives you a detailed geographic market as well as your specific industry.

Of all the various sites I reviewed, salary.com had the most detailed information regarding years of experience, in addition to 7-8 levels of each job category.

I felt that the cost was minimal for the information you are able to obtain. Depending on the package you prefer, the cost is $100-$300 a year.

I have found salary.com to be a good source and it’s under $100/year. It gives you a lot of options if you are looking for a job or hiring. Also, it allows you to search geographically.

Check for your local Employers’ Association – a coalition of 63 associations across the country who provide HR support to their memeber companies. They are affiliated through the Employers Association Group (EAG), which is a part of the National Assoc. of Manufacturers (NAM). They conduct 6 national surveys and each often conduct their own very comprehensive wage & salary and benefits surveys (free to member participants) on an annual basis.