‘Parent Shift’ Program Allows Nurses to Work Two-Hour Shifts

To help working parents manage their lives, the Cleveland Clinic allows nurses to work shifts of as little as two hours a day.

Chief nursing officer Claire Young created the "Parent Shift" program because rigid shift schedules were preventing working mothers from returning to work after having children. Parent-Shift nurses work in two-hour increments up to six hours a day, without benefits. They’re off the hook for weekends unless they request them.

Since 2004, nurses in the program have logged more than 100,000 hours of patient care and saved the hospital $750,000, Young estimates. The program helps the hospital fill its nursing shifts without paying overtime or hiring high-cost agency nurses.

Parent Shift nurses aren’t temps. They’re part of the staff, so they work well with the full-time nurses, says Young.

Contact: Claire M. Young, youngc@ccf.org.  

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