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LOL! Text-speak now in the dictionary

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in Workplace Communication

OMG! The Oxford English Dic­tionary (OED) officially approves of the three-letter “word.”

Among the entries in the latest edition of the OED are a number of expressions that first became popular online but then crossed over into everyday use. The new update also includes:

  • Ego-surfing: searching for your own name online
  • Dot-bomb: a failed Internet company
  • Heart (verb): a casual equivalent of “to love,” as in “I heart New York.”
  • TMI: too much information
  • LOL: laughing out loud
  • IMHO: in my humble opinion

Just because the words are Oxford-approved, doesn’t make them prime candidates for business correspondence. Keep your audience in mind. Unless you’re texting, avoid expressions such as “LOL” and “IMHO.”

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