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Do you use the same search engine day after day?

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in Office Technology

People become brand loyal about their search engines. The top three—Bing, Google and Yahoo—represent 96% of all search engine usage. However, each one does some things better than the others. Here’s the rundown on narrowing your searches:

Bing.com: Single-click travel information is possible on Bing. Many search filter tools are a hover and a click on this relatively new Microsoft branded search engine. For travelers, quick hotel and airline information make this a great search engine choice.

Google.com: If you know what you’re looking for and have a good feel for inclusive and exclusive logic, nothing beats Google’s advanced search options. Let Google filter your searches by reading level, date or geographic region.

Yahoo.com: Yahoo combines the best of content and search tool. If you are always interested in the same type of content, you can customize your Yahoo page, so your most often reviewed content appears each time you access it.

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