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Supervisors can learn a lot from others' mistakes, particularly when it comes to employment law issues. Here are four recent court decisions that provide lessons on how supervisors can keep their organizations (and themselves) out of legal hot water.

1. Don't try to muzzle employee talk of pay, work conditions

You may not like employees comparing their paychecks or bad-mouthing their managers in the breakroom, but don't try to silence such off-duty chats.

That's because the National Labor Relations Act makes it illegal to ban or punish employee discussions of working conditions, pay, benefits and promotions. That law sounds like it only applies to unionized work forces, but it actually applies to every U.S. workplace, unionized or not.

Example: An employee was fired soon after he began complaining to his co-workers about the company's compensation system. His supervisor says the employee was fired for being a "troublema...(register to read more)

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