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Issue: Each year, several respected organizations rate the top HR technology, software and Web-based products.

Risk: It's difficult to know which products are best because no two rating systems are the same, and they're often contradictory.

Action: Start by checking out the handful of products listed below that are included on more than one list.

It's easy to become confused by the various HR information systems and management products out there. And the organizations that rate these products often don't help because they apply different criteria and categories.

That's why, if you're shopping for HR technology, you shouldn't just look at one review. Zero in on products that are mentioned most often by various different rating groups. We've looked at five leading HR tech product evaluators: Human Resource Executive magazine, Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), Forbes.com, HRO Today and Business Insurance (see box below).

Here are some key products that are common to two or more lists:

Authoria's Advisor (www.authoria.com) series, a human-capital management solution and the company's primary product, was named an SIIA finalist. Forbes.com has chosen Authoria as a winner for four consecutive years because of its Advisor series (Compensation Advisor, Hire Advisor and Employee Advisor).

Advisor won the Integrated Performance & Compensation Management Shootout at the annual HR Technology Conference and Expo in Chicago. The Advisor outperformed systems from Recruitmax, SuccessFactors and Workstream.

Kenexa Recruiter (www.kenexa.com), a Web-based application, ranked tops on the HRO Today annual list of the top recruitment-process outsourcing providers, ahead of 12 others. Forbes.com included Kenexa, citing the company's Kenexa Recruiter application.

BrassRing (www.brassring.com), a provider of talent management solutions, has two different products on multiple lists: BrassRing's Enterprise 7 recruitment software, plus its Enterprise Voice Gateway, an interactive voice-response system that helps employers screen job applicants who lack résumés or Web access.

Recruitmax (www.recruitmax.com) garnered multiple awards for both its Aloha software, which streamlines the process of welcoming new hires and integrating them into the organization, and its Balance compensation and rewards management product.

Other notables: Cigna Behavioral Health EAP (www.cignabehavioral.com) was named Best Overall EAP by Business Insurance magazine readers. Those same readers ranked Employease (www.employease.com) as the top employee benefit information system.

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