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Turn your paper HR forms into electronic versions

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in HR Management,Human Resources

Issue: You can use Adobe Acrobat's PDF Creator to convert old typewritten forms to digital ones.

Benefit: Save time (for you, employees and applicants), save paper and impress the boss with your tech know-how.

Action: Use the following tips to join the digital age.

Lots of paper flows through an HR department, but you can make your paper-flow more efficient, and save some trees, by converting old typewritten forms to electronic versions.

One easy way: Use Adobe Acrobat

PDF Creator to make the switch easily. Here's how:

First, verify that you have Acrobat Creator, not just Acrobat Reader. Then, check that the recipients have Adobe Acrobat Reader and can accept such electronic documents.

Next, scan in your form as a PDF document, or download one from the Internet for this exercise.

Open your document in Adobe. Decide where you would like information to be entered. Click on the Form Tool button and draw a box in the space where information will be entered.

A window will come up so you can set the field properties.

You must assign a field name, and you should give it a description.

As with Word or Access, you can set the font, border color, alignment and format (e.g., currency, date). You can also ask Adobe to do calculations for you, which is useful for invoices.

You can make a field "Read Only" or "Required," meaning that a value will have to be entered before someone can move forward in the document.

When you've finished setting up fields, you can add security.

Example: You can require a password to open the document. Or, you can restrict printing, changing the document, adding fields and making comments.

After you've added all the appropriate fields, save the document with a different file name, so you have the original as a backup if you need it later.

You can now e-mail it to anyone who has Adobe Acrobat Reader, and he or she will be able to open and complete your form ... without having to look for a typewriter!

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