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Mingling work/life Facebook ‘Friends’

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in Workplace Communication

Some people would never “friend” a co-worker on Facebook; they try hard to keep work and personal lives separate.

Others blend the two—letting professional and personal contacts co-exist on social media sites such as Facebook.

If you’re attempting to let your friends and co-workers mingle on your Facebook page, keep this tip in mind:

Make use of Friend Lists to control privacy while also connecting with co-workers. That way, you can still limit how much information they see. For example, to respect the privacy of your children, consider hiding photos from your co-workers. Or you may elect to hide any photos you’re tagged in—since you can’t know what your friends might decide to post.

How to do it: Go to your Friends page, click “Create a List” and fill it with co-workers. Once finished, go to your Privacy Settings, click “Customize Settings,” then select which things you’ll choose to hide from your new Friends list.

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