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Using video to promote your business

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in Office Technology

You’ve heard that videos are great marketing tools, and you’ve clicked on plenty of promotional videos online. But are they great for your company?

You may associate video marketing with funny YouTube clips or hard-selling product demonstrations. Most likely, neither is right for your company. Putting the right video on your web site, however, can be extremely effective for growing your business (see benefits below).

When planning your video strategy, here are four types to consider, in order of importance:

1. Branding video. This is a short (30-second) intro to you and your business. Use this video to show your personality, touch on your experience and philosophy and invite the prospect to look around the site. Don’t think of this as selling; think of it as inviting prospects into your “home.” Make it warm and engaging.

2. Testimonial videos. In addition to adding these to a testimonial page on your site, consider putting a testimonial video or two on your Contact Us page.

Case study: One entrepreneur did a great testimonial video by inviting all his clients to a cocktail party. During the party, a video producer filmed clients talking about the business. Those clips were edited into one two-minute video that featured about a dozen clients.

3. Products/Services video. Post these types of videos on your Products or Services page to give a quick overview of what you offer and the benefits clients see from your products and services. These videos should run, on average, about two minutes.

4. Educational video. Think of these like a “video white paper.” You might offer insider tips on how to save or make money related to your product. Or give a brief forecast on trends within your industry.

Final tips: Before you start filming, get your messaging right by defining on paper who you are, what you do and what separates you from your competitors.

Plus, don’t let a poor-quality video undercut your image: Invest in a good video production firm. You can get good-quality “starter” videos for about $500-$600.

If you see results, invest a little more. The cocktail party session mentioned earlier cost $1,200 including prep, filming and editing.


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