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Secrets of a CEO: 10 things HR needs to know

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in HR Management,Human Resources

Ever wonder what your CEO is thinking and what he or she wants from you?

Sue Meisinger, a consultant and former CEO of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), has sat on both sides of the CEO/HR fence. At this summer’s SHRM conference in Las Vegas, Meisinger cited 10 things your CEO will likely never say to you, but you need to understand:

1. CEOs want concrete info before making decisions. They don’t care that a new computer system will make life easier for you or your staff; they want to know the ROI and the effect on staffing. Plus, remember to circle back and say, “Remember that decision we made. Here’s the ROI from it.”

2. How legitimately hard the CEO job is. “Be willing to step up and have the courage to make tough decisions,” says Meisinger. Instead of just explaining a problem to the CEO, “Help them. Tell them ‘This is what I think the right answer is.’”

3. They’re desperate for ideas and any competitive info...(register to read more)

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