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Rev up your newsletter with these MS Word 2007 Tips

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Columns are easy in Word 2007 and Word 2010! On the Page Layout tab, in the Page Setup group you’ll find a button called Columns. There are 5 default selections and a More columns selection to customize your column layout.

How to create columns

Now you can make your reports, newsletters and other documents "pop" — without the cost or hassle of having to use a special design program OR an expensive designer. Introducing ... Using the Power of Word to Design Like a Pro

Continuing an article on another page involves a process called linking text boxes. If you are continuing an article on the fourth page of your newsletter, type the continuation text such as “Continued on Page 4.” The process involves two text boxes. We’ll call them source and target.

  1. Insert a target text box on the fourth page.
  2. Right click on the source text box and select Create Text Box Link.
  3. When the icon changes to a pitcher, navigate to the target text box and click inside of it.

Building Source and Target

Check out Quick Parts. You’ll find great items in the Text Boxes gallery for Built-in Quick Parts like sidebars and quote boxes. They are attractive and can really dress up your newsletter. On the Insert tab and in the Text group, click the Quick Parts button and Building Blocks organizer. Sort by Gallery and look for Text Boxes.

How to Sort Building Blocks

We can show you how to create stand-out newsletters, fliers, ads, brochures and other documents without a degree in graphic design or money you don’t have. With Using the Power of Word to Design Like a Pro, the latest in our Office Tech series, you’ll make everything you create look more professional. And you’ll do it all with a program you already use each day – Microsoft® Word. Learn how...

Depending upon your theme and audience, page borders might be desirable. To create a page border, click on the Page Layout tab, the Page Background group and the Page Borders button. Choose from a simply line style or an Art border. To select an Art border, click the drop down arrow. Know in advance whether you will be printing in color or black and white.

Creating a Border

In this Executive Summary of the unique webinar, Lori Fields of Fields On-Line Training and Communications shows you what makes a good design – and tells you step-by-step how to make those designs in Word. You’ll be able to re-create the work of professionals with software you already have and use.

The techniques covered include:
  • book coverWhat Makes It Work
  • Look at the Pros
  • Headlines
  • Headlines and Text
  • Unusual Text
  • Photos and Text
  • Photos as Graphics
  • Text as Graphics
  • How to Do It in Word
  • Overlapping Headlines
  • Headline is Bigger and Lighter
  • Designer Head
  • Text Wrapping Around Photo
  • Silhouette Behind Text
  • Drop Caps
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