Excel® 2007 Pivot Tables: Something Old, Something New

For some more accomplished Excel® users, Office 2007 was a shock when it came to Pivot tables. Excel® 2003 had simplified Pivot Table creation by offering us a simple drag and drop operation right on the screen. We’d simply click any cell in the middle of our table and click Data, Pivot Table and Pivot Chart Report, then Finish. Then we had this fairly self explanatory interface telling us to drag items to particular areas of the screen.

Then, 2007.  When we finally find that the Pivot Table icon was on the Insert tab (instead of the Data tab, where most of us looked for it first) and clicked it. We were presented with this…

And, what did they want us to do with that?

To use this interface, simply click the boxes next to the data items you want to include. Excel® will automatically place them in the lower part of the task pane. Then you can simply rearrange where those fields lie on the screen. As you do, you’ll notice the changes in the Pivot Table itself.

If wrapping your head around this new interface is too much on Day 1, then Microsoft® has left us an “out.”
1.    Right click on the new image of a Pivot table on the screen.
2.    Select Pivot Table Options.
3.    Then, click on the Display tab.
4.    Check the box next to Classic Pivot Table layout.

Now that should look familiar!