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Drug-test cheating on the rise; fight back with random tests

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Can you trust negative drug test results anymore?

The Internet is flooded with products, more than 400, according to a Business Insurance report, that help employees and job candidates cheat on drug tests. Just last spring, a professional football player was caught with an elaborate kit called "the Whizzinator" that's used to beat drug tests.

The easiest tests to cheat are urine-based tests, so the federal government is looking to add hair and/or saliva testing, which can be harder to cheat on.

But beware a possible racial bias charge surrounding hair-based drug tests. At least one pending lawsuit claims that false-positive results on hair tests are more common among African-Americans. Seven Boston police officers who are African-American sued after being fired for positive hair-sample drug tests.

Advice: Talk with your drug-test administrator about the potential for cheating on your tests and ways to stop it. Also, don't take the "one and done" approach to testing; use random drug tests and reasonable-suspicion tests, which are harder for the employee to plan for.

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