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Finding your current job

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Question: How did you find your current job (newspaper ad, online ad, personal contact, etc.)? Tell us your story!  -- Amy Beth Miller,
Editor, Personal Report for the Administrative Professional


Believe it or not, I found my job through Monster.com. I sent my resume through the ad and about 3 weeks later they called me. I've been here since 2001.

I found my job through an ad in a church newsletter. Called to check on the criteria and the doors opened.

I went to a temp agency to find an accounting job. The temp agency told me that I would be doing payroll and do medical billing. Since I had some medical backround, I thought ok. I went for the first day and found out that I would be a secretary. Not what I wanted. I went home and cried. My husband said give it another day, and see what happens. I went to my new boss and said, what will I really be doing, because this is not what I was told. They told me and I decided to give it a try. Thank goodness I did, because I love my job and wouldn't traded it for anything. February was a year and I hope to see 20 more.

I found an ad in one of our local papers for an office position and sent a resume to the Post Office box in the ad. The local post office sent my resume to the wrong company. I got called in for an interview with the wrong company and landed a great job as payroll clerk and accounts payable clerk. I've been with the company since 1997. Things happen for a reason, and I owe a big thanks to the Postal Service.

I found an ad in the city newspaper for an administrative assistant and applied at the employment office. I've been with the company 16 years.

The business college I graduated from in 1998 has an excellent job placement program, so I applied for a few jobs through my school and landed an interview with my current employer (6 years and counting). Since then I have worked my way through a couple of different departments, always as an admin. My current admin position pretty much dropped into my lap. I was dissatisfied with my job (not enough challenge or work for me and the other admin in my area). I was thinking about looking for a new job and my admin co-worker announced that she was being called back into active duty with the military reserves. She left and within 6 weeks and the company combined my job and her job into one; to serve protocol the job had to be posted and open to all, but I got the job. I've been in this combined position for almost three years now and I absolutely love it.

26 years ago I walked into City Hall as a Kelly Girl (that's what they called us back then.) I worked for six months as a temp and then was hired as a Clerk-Steno to work in the Planning Department. For 15 years I worked as the recording secretary for the City's Planning Commission. 11 years ago I transferred to the Redevelopment Agency of the City as the Administrative Aide to the Redevelopment Director. I couldn't ask for a better job.

I lost my job due to downsizing. I constantly submitted resumes and went on interviews for jobs that I really didn't want but desperately needed. After 14 months of struggling to feed, clothe and house my teenage son and myself, I got a call from a company that I had sent a resume to a year earlier. I went in for a first then second interview and here I am now, two years and two raises later and I simply could not find a better group of people (6 of us) or a better company to work for.

God Bless,

I moved to Los Angeles for two years to support my daughter in her quest to break into the movie business. When I came back home, I had no job, no money, no health insurance -- pretty bleak picture. I worked temp jobs (making $8 an hour after making $21 an hour in LA!) to make ends meet. Every day, I called the jobline for a major employer in our area (silly now that I think back since they only update it once a week but desperation drives you to desperate means), convinced that I was destined to work there.

Finding no admin jobs, one day I decided to listen to every job on the jobline, find anything I could do and worry about getting an Executive Admin slot once I got in the door. Instead of choosing the option for "Business Support", I chose Operations. Hidden there, in obviously the wrong place, I heard "EAA" which I was delighted to find out was "Executive Administrative Assistant" to the President of one of the company's subsidiaries. I wasted no time getting my resume to them and after three interviews, was hired three days later at the salary I had requested and started the following Monday! (I had been told it would take about two weeks to finalize the process.)

I've been with the company five years now and will always believe that knowing my determined nature and "out of the box" attitude, God hid that job so I could find it. And my daughter? After appearing in several films, she decided that Hollywood just wasn't worth the moral compromises she faced. She's now starring in her favorite role: wife and mother of a beautiful two-year-old little girl, whose name, oddly enough, means "Little Famous One".

I had retired from a national insurance company and was at home for about 30 days when a friend of mine called and ask me if I would consider working for his company on the switchboard (a non-stressfull job). I agreed. Well, that was 6 years ago and now I am the Human Resource Director for my current employer. I often wonder what went wrong, but I do love my job and my current company. Sometimes our paths get set upon a road that we do not know where it will lead.

Two months after an attorney acquaintance left our firm to work else, she called to say that the secretary she took with her "wasn't working out" and since she knew my work and reputation at my current firm (her old firm), she'd love to have me as her secretary. I barely had to interview, took no tests, and negotiated an excellent salary and benefits with almost no fuss. If you work the hardest and best wherever you are at the moment and get a good reputation, people remember. This kind of referral is like gold!

My husband was promoted and we were transferred to the Midwest in 1983 with our two young children. Since I didn't know anyone in our new town, I started volunteering at my oldest child's elementary school. I met so many wonderful people doing so many different 'jobs' that when a position opened within the school district, I was asked to apply...and I did! I'm now in my 10th year of paid employment, but 23rd year of working with people I like and respect. What a wonderful way to get acclimated to a new area!

I found my first job through a friend who was working for an energy services company. They needed someone to work part-time. Now I am full time senior administrative assistant and still working for the same company for 31 years and I enjoy every minute of it

I was downsized from my prior financial services company two years before my retirement date. I signed up at an administrative temp agency and just before my severance ran out I took a three month assignment as an Engineering Administrator at a manufacturing firm. Not exactly the Executive Administrative position I was use to, but it would pay the bills. After three months they offerred me the position and I accepted. Six months later, the General Manager's admin. retired and I was promoted with a commensurate raise in salary! I've been here three year's now and I love it!

I worked at a local hospital in a research lab. There was a huge biotech firm new to the area...THE place to work. A technician in the lab interviewed and got in. She emailed me not too long after that the admin assistant in the lab was planning on leaving...eventually. I held on for 9 months (the research lab was a tough place to work so it was a long wait). The admin did leave when her husband got relocated. I interviewed and got the job!

A few years ago I decided I wanted to work part-time instead of full-time. The company I'd been working for didn't offer part-time so I quit my job and signed up with a temp agency. After working for them for a couple months on different jobs, they asked if I'd be willing to work in the front office of a manufacturing company. They warned me that it was out in the "boon docks", and could be a little intimidating to get to. I drove to the location to see for myself and found it wasn't near as bad as they'd said, so I accepted the 3 month temporary assignment. Although I had no experience in Human Resources, I was hired on permanent after some time and have been working as the Human Resources Assistant for over six years now. A couple years ago our facility was combined under the management of another facility about 130 miles away. So now I'm the only H.R. person on-sight most of the time, and I'm still working part-time as I'd originally wanted. I couldn't be happier!

I was working a temp agency and was asked to fill in for an admin that was going on materity leave for 3 months. While I here temping, I was asked if I would like to work here full-time and I said I was interested. I took the shorthand and typing tests and passed.

Once the admin came back, I was asked if I would like to work for another manager since his admin has just started working for another deparment. I said yes since I was waiting to hear about my possibility of being hired here permanently. I worked for this manager and the first one as her admin had to go back out for a few weeks.

After a working for the second manager a couple of weeks, he asked me if I would be interested in working for him full-time. I said that I would and I was hired full-time the next week.

I have been in several departments since there, but I will be here 20 years in August.

St. Louis

The company I worked for had been sold and was closing its doors at the end of February. I had applied for many admin positions with not much luck when my current position just fell in my lap.
The owners of the previous company had started a new business and needed an Executive Assistant to the President/CEO. They knew my reputation and thought I would be a good fit. The drive was further than I wanted (22 miles each way) but I decided to give it a shot.
That was 3 months and we all could not be happier. I believe everything happens for a reason. I love my new position, the office I'm in and my new boss.

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