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Admins take on more responsibility

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Question: If you’ve taken on more responsibility in the past five years, you aren’t alone. Admins are filling more advanced roles, according to a recent survey of more than 3,200 members of the International Association of Administrative Professionals. So, what new responsibilities have you taken on in recent years, and have they made your job more enjoyable or just more stressful? (Look for more coverage of the IAAP survey in the July issue of Personal Report.)  -- The editors


My duties just seem to expand and expand. I've gone from being an Admin with the majority of my work being AP. Then our company decided to have an HR Team which I am now a part of. Basically, we have several projects all over the United States. So they try to pick admins that can help facilitate the new hires, terms, benefits and all of that. I now have 3 union shops amongst several other projects I am responsible for.

All in all I enjoy it but there are a lot of legal issues. I recently was able to hire a part-time assistant to help with the AP. And she has been a godsend! I am trying to learn how to be HR compliant but it is a lot to learn . . . I'll never be bored here. :)

I was hired as an Admin and have taken on many roles for our newest Director. I enjoy every task and project I am given which makes my day go faster. I am one of those employees that cannot be bored. I was asked to be the chairperson for our departmental safety committee, I also attend the big safety meetings monthly. I have taken on the Records Retention Coordinator within our dept also. So all in all I enjoy my job and love the fact that boss sees and believes I can handle anything he throws my way. Knowing this alone makes my job worthwhile.

I've gone from Executive Assistant to Compliance Program Administrator, Compliance Program Trainer, Accounts Recievable Managering due to the lack of productivity in the accounting department, Meeting Co-ordinator for a none profit group where my boss is president, this has all happen within in the past 5.5 years.

This is not changing jobs this is in addition to the existing position!


I used to be only the Legal Secretary. Over the past few years, my job has expanded to Admin Assistant for Legal, Health & Safety and Environmental. Also HR. And in my position in Legal, Patent work has been added. I do enjoy all of this work, but we are busy busy busy and some days I feel I am just going in circles. But everything seems to get done. It is great to hear from others to know I am not alone with large workloads. Good thing I exercise a lot so I have enough energy to handle it!

I have taken on progressively more and more of the technology duties in the office, with computers, telephones, fax machine, scanner - even the copier. While this has made the job more interesting and challenging, it is also more stressful, especially when things are not going right and I don't know why!

I have been a Sr. Administrative Assistant for quite a number of years. During this time, my company moved from one building into another one. I was involved by being a move coordinator and helped over a year and the several week-ends during the move. I have since then, being the move coordinator, cleared off 2 floors and re-located about 150 folks at a time. I am also on the company's safey committee board and I am the chairperson for this year. I also oversee all the paperwork that have to go to A/P, HR, and to our department to bring in outside contractors. I enjoy all aspects of my job and am not bored at all.

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