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Dealing with sales people

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Question: Often, we have sales people walk in through our front door, and I am wondering what the best approach is to politely — and quickly — get rid of them.  Our office does not accept solicitors, but they all ignore the notice.  And like the telephone solicitors do, they want to quickly get me or the receptionist into a conversation, whether they are selling services or a product.

It is annoying and I don't wish to appear rude, but I really want to stop them in their tracks before they even get to the hand-shaking part.  -- Cindy, California


I just smile and say that the company does not allow soliciting. Of course they continue talking and I smile and repeat myself that the company does not allow soliciting. I usually do not have to repeat myself more than three times before they leave. I try to be as polite as possible while being firm.

I suggest you have a form for them to fill out - when they start their speech just hand them the form - tell them to fill it out and you will pass it on to the appropriate people. Also tell them that if anyone is interested they will contact them.
Hope it helps!

If your building has "No Solicting" signs posted, interupt them immediately and tell them firmly that they have to leave. Don't worry about appearing to be rude, "they started it" by ignoring the signs. If there are no signs, contact your property, building, or office manager and ask for them to be installed.

If you have on-site security and you can't bring yourself to tell these trespasser (which is what they are) to leave, excuse yourself for a moment and call security to deal with it. Most Security people are very territorial and protective of their buildings and love to assert their autority over these people, I love these guys.

I've been a receptionist before and I know how hard this can be. I like the idea of giving them a form. I would make it a 4-5 page form. First remind them of the no soliciting sign. If they keep talking say excuse me but you'll need to complete this form and then hand it to them and usher them to a seat close to the door. Trust me if they get a 5 page form asking them about a bunch of useless questtions they'll ditch the form and leave. Fortunately, I had a busy switchboard and kept saying wait a minute while I answer this call, they'd get so frustrated that they'd leave. When that didn't work I'd just ask them to leave their materials take their business card, thank them for stopping by and walk them to the door. One key thing is to take over the situation. Don't give them a chance to object. That's how they're trained use their techniques on them.

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