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Summer business attire

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Question: I work in a very conservative and professional setting. But, during the summer months, some corporations where I have worked in the past allow people to wear what they call "relaxed business attire," which in my circumstance means you can peel the suits, hose and ties, but keep a professional, polished appearance.

The question: Do you feel it is appropriate to have a lady in professional attire go without hose and wear professional sandals?  Please note I am referring to professional women with the proper personal maintenance, i.e., pedicure and hairless legs.  --  Valarie Hayes,  Raleigh, NC


Only if you don't have tatoos down your legs... LOL!

I think that you can still look professional and not have to wear hose or close toed shoes. I am a summer girl myself and would prefer to wear capri's, a tank and flip flops but of course can't be doing that at work.:-) But I agree once it starts getting warm outside sandels and appropriate shirts are still ok. If you get this pulled off in your work area please let me know how.:-)

Definately!! I am in Fort Lauderdale and Fridays are the best days of the week for us. I always enjoy seeing the cute sandals and nice pedicures. As long as everyone adheres to the dress code (business casual, not weekend casual!) it is very appropriate to go hose-free with sandals. It is also very important that abuses of the priviledge be addressed quickly and professionally so that casual Friday remains just that...a priviledge that everyone can enjoy!

"Professional sandals"? Isn't that an oxymoron? If the firm is as conservative as I suspect(I work for a very conservative Co.), sandals are never appropriate. Our summer wear is,pastel cotton slacks and tops with closed toed shoes for women. Dockers or khaki's with golf shirts for men. No sneakers or sandals. I think you can get away with no hose for women if you're wearing slacks, but I would wear hose if I am wearing skirts or dresses.

We are allowed to wear what we want at work. We wear whatever is comfortable for us. Work shouldn't be a fashion show. I wear open toe shoes such as sandals all the time, and I rarely see women here with nylons because it is just too hot to wear nylons all day long, and then you have to worry about runs. Maybe we are just more relaxed at this CA company, but unless you are in a senior level position, it's fine for us to dress casual. It depends on what your manager expects, and if you see clients at all. We don't see our clients. We are a big biotech, and most of my clients are internal.

I've never understood the purpose of hose. They are uncomfortable, and they usually end up looking UN-professional once the runs occur (as the frequently do!)

However, if you work in a very conservative setting, then sandals are definitely not appropriate and hose is probably required most days.

I think attire has more to do with your actual job responsibilities and the clients you see; not necessarily the weather.

Whether it is right or not, I believe that more respect is given if you look more professional. I personally also feel more professional if I dress appropriately. We wear a suit or equivalent to work everyday with the exception of Fridays. On a Friday you can wear business casual (dickies, etc...) but you still must wear hose and shoes. I work in a hospital and I don't believe open toe sandals and no hose are appropriate -- to me this is clothes more appropriate for the home or beach.

Tina :-)

I happen to have a tattoo on my calf and I do not wear hose in the summer. My tattoo is not offensive and my place of business has no objections. I'm not the only employee who has tattoos. In fact, I have five....and last year I was promoted to my bosses position. Just thought I'd throw that in....

Maybe I'm weird, but I don't particular enjoy seeing anyone's bare legs or feet at the workplace. I also have a problem with cleavage. (Take that as you will). ;-)

I used to live in Florida and I can say this I stopped wearing hose. My GM, fyi this was a Fortune 500 company, did not wear hose and looked very professional. There are sandals that look professional. I now work for another major company, 38,000 employees, we have female officers who don't wear hose and they look fabulous. I do alot of networking for my business and I've seen lots of Executive women go without hose and they look very professional. I don't think its fair to tell women they have to wear hose. The decision not to wear hose is a personal one. Some women think wearing hose is essential whereas others think its confining and unnecessary. I personally, have seen some very powerful women pull it off and I think its ok. One way to make sure the dress code doesn't get too relaxed it to stop the offenders before they start. We had manadatory meetings in each department. Our HR VP sent each supervisor and above examples of what was acceptable and what was not. When you see the photos of what you can and cannot wear it clarifies it for those who like to walk the thin line.

I believe that not wearing hose looks very unprofessional and a lttle tacky in the office. Don't most if not all offices have air conditioning? You need to leave the bare legs and sandals for off duty time.

I think it depends on what the bare legs look like. I like to shed those panty hose in the summer time, but wear slacks and 'dress' flip flops or casual sandals. Toenails must be manicured, polished and feet free of hair. I do not want to see tattoos on legs or anywhere else in the office setting.

Open toed sandals can be a safety hazard in the office where there are many filing cabinets and drawers. My previous company never allowed them mainly because of this.

It really depends on many factors.

If you are wearing high heel sandals, I see nothing wrong with them. I prefer them to closed shoes which no everyone can wear either (if they have feet problems).

If a woman has great legs, tanned and polished, I think it's great! A woman should know what looks good on her. If not, ask someone's opinion.
But if you looks sloppy, forget it. I prefer myself to wear hose.

But Kathie Couric nevers hose even on TV. And that's about professional as you will get.

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