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Embarrassing mistakes

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Question: It would be fun to hear from other admins about their most embarrassing job-related boo-boo. Things like forgetting to put something big on the boss's calendar, sending a broadcast e-mail when you didn't mean to. I know we all have a few "dirty little secrets" that might make the rest of us feel better about those extremely RARE occasions when we are less than perfect.  -- Anonymous


I once tried send an email to my husband, Mike, that simply said "I love you", but I mistakenly sent it to my co-worker named Mike.

I was asked to write a nice letter from my boss to a client inviting key people to a dinner. I ended the letter by saying "I look forward to seeing you there!" I got all the letters printed, signed by my boss, sent an invitation to others in our organization who were to attend and then...forgot to put it on my boss's calendar! Fortunately, he has a forgiving nature and got a good laugh and no harm was done but I was mortified that I had covered all the bases except home plate!

I once played a joke on my manager when typing the minutes from our last meeting. I put it within the first sentence that someone neither particularly get along with interrupted him. Well after he returned the minutes back to me I sent them out from my computer without making the change. So unfortanetly the joke went to everyone. Thankfully we have a great IT department and they saved my job.

I was in charge of typing, printing, and posting the Planning Commission agenda for the City. It wasn't until I looked at the agenda in the Planning Commission meeting that I noticed I had left the letter L out of the word Public. Luckily, the Chairperson caught it before she read it out loud and stated it correctly.

My first job, right out of high school, was a clerk-stenographer with an insurance company (1967). They had monthly mandatory meetings with all of the outside sales force. The office staff took turns making coffee. Since I had never made coffee before, one of my coworkers quickly told me how the day before it was my turn. The morning of the meeting, I made the coffee - it was one of those tall urns that percolate until the red light comes on to indicate it is ready.

The salesmen were all standing around that urn, waiting for the percolating to stop and the red light to come on, and when it did, they all had their cups ready. Well, unfortunately, all that came out was hot water. I had forgotten to add the coffee grounds! I was so embarrassed, but they all had a good laugh in spite of their need for that cup of java.

At our organization, we work with another organization that is at a different location. To communicate with others in that building we use old envelopes that credit card companies or other offers that come by mail that usually most just thown away. Well, one day the inner office mail ended up getting MAILED and it happened to have money in it. Someone who received that mail was pretty happy with the cash from us. Oops!

I had just been promoted to the Assistant for the President and Vice Presidents of our division. I didn't really know any of the VPs yet, other than by sight. One night about 9 p.m. I received an urgent call from the security guard on duty that one of the VPs was in the office and was madder than a wet hen. He was leaving at midnight for a long business trip and I had forgotten to give him his tickets and they were locked in my desk.

I flew down to the office and gave him his tickets with many appologies - and just knowing I would be looking for a new job soon. As I started to leave he commented on my cute jammies. Yes, I had forgotten to change before flying out of the house. To this day (almost 10 years later) he kids me about the jammy incident.

I produced a large report for my boss to deliver and discuss with our customer. My boss, myself, and another coworker had proofed...reproofed...and reproofed again the report. When my boss was at the meeting with the customer she noticed one of the headings in the body of the report had in large, bold, capital letters the word "SEX." It was not part of a word in the heading. It got a laugh (luckily) from the customer and my boss...and we were never able to figure how in the world it got there or how we ALL had missed it!

I printed labels for a new exec. I used merge document for his letter telling of his new job. I hurriedly stuffed the envelopes not matching the label with the letter. Everyone got a letter directed to someone on his list...not their own name.

I was working late one day at the office. When a small animal ran in my office. It was horrible looking, smelled looked like it just crawled out of a grave. I was not even sure what kinda of rodent it was. I had already complained to the office that employee’s would prop doors open and forget to shut them. I was so scared. I didn't want it to bite me but I had to get it out. I grabbed chocolate candy and file folder off my desk was shooing the animal out the door. I didn’t notice the owner come around the corner. Until he yelled what are you doing to my dog. He walked up to see me throwing chocolates and swatting a folder at the THING. After that I was labeled the girl who didn’t like animals.

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