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Advertising for HVAC workers

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Question: I am the office manager for an HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning) company, We need field people, mechanics and helpers, that type of thing.  The type of workers we are looking for really don’t attend job fairs much.

I have tried advertising for help everywhere: small newspapers, large newspapers, the Web and tech schools.   Does anyone out there have any scathingly brilliant ideas on how to reach this type of worker to recruit them?  I would appreciate ANY suggestions.

Thanks so much.  -- Kelly Hogue, Warminster, PA


I have two suggestions on places to advertise. Create some quick & to the point flyers which can be posted in HVAC supply stores...a place where some types of these employees may need to frequent for a job they may currently be in. It can also be helpful for friends looking for jobs for friends.

Second one...try posting some ads at local bars, small restaurants, bowling alleys, golf courses. It may sound unprofessional, but these may be the places your target audience would frequent.

Good luck!

I work for the government as a confidential employee and we have a number of organized unions that represent different classes of employees (the most recent of which is a supervisory/management union, believe it or not!). Perhaps you can contact some local unions (you will have to do some research to find out which union HVAC workers belong to) to obtain permission to post job listings on their bulletin boards. Many HVAC workers attend regular union meetings and the chances are good that they will also check out jobs posted at the Local Union Hall. Good luck!!

You could inform the salespeople at local supply companies (plumbing, piping, gas, etc.) know that you have an opening so they could pass the word around. They may even let you post an ad at the supply house where the technicians would see it while purchasing supplies.

Try the vocational trade schools in your area. Also, state unemployment offices having postings for available positions.

Have you tried to contact the Williamson Trade School in Media, PA? They are right down the turnpike from you, and I beleive that they have a wonderful placement program. Maybe you can get involved there.

Our company was in a similar situation and one of the techniques we used was to offer current employees a "referral bonus". If a relative/friend/associate put their name on the application and the recruited employee was hired & successfully completed the probationary period, the current employee was given a non-taxed bonus. We had to guard against nepotism, of course.

We also have an "apprenticeship" program, where we hire people (on a probationary status), put them thru an extensive training program, and if they are successful, we hire them permanently. This has also been successful for us.

I would suggest that you contact professors and associate professors of colleges that have a related program. They probably have all types of leads to job placement information for their students and would probably be very interested in your needs.

I have a good friend that is an Associate Professor of the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology Department at Utah Valley State College.

I work for an Electrical Contractor and we often are in need of the same level of employees. The method that has worked best for us, is word of mouth from current employees and customers. They usually know someone in the same field.

We also offer an incentive to employees with a referal bonus for people that we hire on their recommendation. If the person they refer stays for more than six months they get an additional bonus.


Try getting with some trade associations they can help get the word out. Also, put a sign up outside of your office. I know 3 HVAC workers who got jobs that way. Also, the employee referral program is also a good place to start and the local vocational schools. Have you tried contacting the local high school vocational teachers? Many high schools will teach HVAC and when the students leave they'll be trained.

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