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Updating Excel formulas

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Question: The last time I submitted a challenge to this Forum, the response was very helpful. It saved time and frustration.

Now, I need help updating Excel formulas, including the wonderful array of formulas that I received help with last time. For example:  How to change all sheet references at one time … changing April ’05 to May ’05, for example. Is it similar to a find & replace function? Thanks.  -- Valerie


It IS the find and replace function. Choose it from the menu and type in FIND "April ’05" the REPLACE "May '05". You can then decide if you want to replace one at a time selectively or all of them at once. If you choose all, it will give you a count of how many were changed. Before doing the Find/Replace, you may select just the range of cells you want to search or do the whole document if no specific range is selected.

In Excel 2003 and higher, the find and replace command allows you to look for things in values, comments, or formulas. So, you can change the headings without changing the formulas, or vice-versa. There is a drop-down menu in the Find/Replace box.

Liz's info is correct, but in order to avoid some major confusion later, change the latest date first. If you have a range (April 05: May 05) that you want to change to (May 05: June 05), replace "May 05" with "June 05" first, then replace "April 05" with "May 05"; otherwise, your middle step will create a range of (May 05:May 05). This poses a major problem when you try to replace "May 05" with "June 05".

Micro Soft Office has a discussion groups to help all levels of users for Micro Soft Office programs (word, excel, access, powerpoint, etc.). The link is http://www.microsoft.com/office/community/en-us/default.mspx

The sign up is free and the information is helpful. Hope this helps!

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