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New editor

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Question: Not really a problem; more of a call for advice. Starting with the August issue, I’ll be the new editor of Personal Report for the Administrative Professional. I’d like to hear from you as to what you’d like to see more of — and less of — in the newsletter each month. What tough issues would you like me to tackle in the coming months? In the coming year?

Thanks, in advance, for your guidance.  -- Alice Bumgarner


One of the topics that seems to come up at my office frequently is how to deal with personality conflicts: bad moods, curt e-mails, perceived power plays - all the things we faced in junior high are still rampant in the workplace. I'd like to see more tips on how to smooth ruffled feathers and how to keep them from getting ruffled in the first place.

I would love to see more time saving, time management and organizational articles in your newsletter. Thank you.

I would also like to see more about time management, priority-juggling, etc. I'd also like to find out about web sites that others have found valuable.

I am very impressed with this issue and helpful comments from everyone. Great job! I add my request to S. Herget and Lisa above. Thx.

I would like to see suggestions of helpful websites to utilize in my daily work. Not just, work related but helpful ideas on stress relief. I also would like to see more suggestions on time management and how to identify different personality types you work with. I have enjoyed the newsletter; keep it coming. Thank you

I think the most helpful items are the forms offered for particular tasks, columns about shortcuts for particular programs...maybe add more on Exel and Access - and I really enjoy reading others ideas of what helps them stay organized.
Here is a new free form I found today that has made arranging upcoming calendar events easy, and there are so many free choices/styles.
Go to:

Thanks for such a great newsletter.

Welcome! I would like to see if there are any free calendars on the web that print four (4) months on one page. (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr), (Feb, Mar, Apr, May), (Mar, Apr, May, Jun) etc.

In the past, I have used Now-Up-to-Date to create these calendars. That software is no longer available to us.

Congrats! We’ll keep you busy~
I would like to see an article on the importance of Higher Education. Everyday I see more and more adults coming back to college to turn their two-year degree into a bachelor's or work towards an additional degree. With the competitiveness of the current workforce, higher education is so important. I have a two-year degree in Secretarial Science and am currently working towards a four-year degree in Business and Organization Communication. This is a "hot" topic right now in universities. I can assist.

I would like to see more articles on time management and working for multiple bosses. Also more "how they did that" type articles. I like it when you introduce helpful forms and websites, too.

Thanks for an already great tool!

I think it should stay the same as it is-it is easy to read, is very practical and down-to-earth, and is useful. The parts that were especially helpful to me were the articles on getting along with people and acting professionally. However, I am ranked as an administrative assistant, but my main work is in the company library. So probably some of the other admin assistants have other needs.

I've been an Exec Asst for more years that I care to remember. My exec group (companywide) recently had a meeting to talk specifically about required skill sets for the various levels of admins we have. In speaking with one of them after the meeting, he told me that many of the execs voiced a desire to have their admins be more knowledgeable about dealing with different types of people tactfully, effectively and efficiently. For example, we speak differently to the President of a major client than we do to the manager of an internal department. While in a perfect world, everyone is addressed exactly the same, we all know that certain people expect VIP treatment. There's a place for familiarity and a place for formality.

It seems some of the younger admin population isn't overly concerned with viewing this job as a profession and approaching how they do it in such a manner. I don't know how you can instill pride in the job as a valued profession instead of the "just a secretary" mentality or the "I'm just doing this until I can get into management" mentality.

It would be interesting to see if you could produce some articles along those lines.

I enjoy the newsletter very much -- it's a great resource.

I like the newletter the way it is now. I would like to see a "lesson learned" section where people can tell how they overcame adversity. It can be professional or private. It always helps to know that others have overcome. -carolina girl

I would like to see sections on how people handle the balance between home and work. I enjoy reading other questions/concerns/comments that are posted.

I have also really enjoyed your newsletter so far, and agree with the above suggestions. My biggest issue now is how to create an office manual for my job. When I am away it is a major ordeal for those that are here when I am off, and my replacement is not as effective. My second issue is how to deal with people who I feel are trying to sabotage or are out to see me fail. I replaced such a person who is still in our department but resentful.

The newsletter is always useful and down to earth. Very easy to relate to. I do like the articles about how to deal with difficult people, team building ideas, acting professionally,and how to delegate responsibilty as we grow. Articles about other readers like myself are interesting also. It is nice to hear about someone who is in the same situations as yourself.

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