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Limited internal structure and rules

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Question: What do you do when you have a highly responsible position working for a company that has very limited internal structure or rules and a boss who is sometimes deceitful and difficult to work for?

I have no internal resources such as a human resources department (I'm the person who handles that function), and I work in an "at will" state, where an employee can be fired for any reason at any time.  When I voice my opinions on improvements that can be made within the company, they are usually rejected.  When I request assistance with my position (which is a catch-all of office management, hr, receptionist, admin. assistant), it falls on deaf ears.

My boss has never been straightforward with the employees and behaves in a somewhat deceptive manner.  I have co-workers who would rather "back stab" than attempt to have productive working relationships with each other.  I can't rely on what I have been told and never know what to expect on a daily basis.

The biggest problem is that I desperately need the job for the money.  I realize that resignation is always an option, but I haven't been able to find another job with comparable duties or pay.

The latest event is that I have been advised my position is being restructured, yet somehow, that really meant I was being demoted.  Recently, I received a raise, but got even less respect due to a lower job title.  I really think I'm being kept around only for my skills and knowledge, and I feel I'm being used.  Now what do I do, or what recourse do I have?  -- Anonymous


Do you know what time it is? It's time to get a new job, get some self-worth and self-esteem, and get with good people who will appreciate your worth. Those good people and good jobs are out there. Make it happen! You're worth it!

You poor soul! I think you have my old job--you describe the living hell perfectly.

I know money is always a factor, but money is not everything, and certainly, it's not worth what you're going through.

I quit and never, ever regretted it. A load had been lifted.

Good luck to you.

Call the Labor Board. I'm in the same situation and have even gone so far as to report to our Corp. H.R. who have chosen to ignore it. I have emails from Corp. people stating how upset they are about this division, I'm hoping the Labor Board will take a look at them.
No one likes to be a snitch but fair is fair.

It sounds like you are being very well compensated, but for a job that has many drawbacks and makes you unhappy. Only you can decide if it's worth it. If you stay, and you have no HR to turn to, and you can't talk to or respect your boss, you can only cultivate a calm and a center that tells you you are doing the best you can, that you are responsible (ultimately) for only your own behavior and your contentedness. Easy to say, hard to do, but necessary if you're going to stay and want to keep your sanity.

Poor you is right. I say run away as soon as possible. If you've been demoted, it won't take long for you to be shuffled out the door by that guy. Get him to write you a letter of recommendation now while he's semi-kind to you. Then use that for your references. Money is not worth your self respect.

My heart goes out to you but at the same time, right is right, wrong is wrong and life is tooooo short! We all need money to survive but if we're not here to spend it, what good is it doing us or our family? Sometimes in life, we have to make choices just for sanity's sake and this sounds like one of those times. Peace of mind is a wonderful and glorious thing! Your family will also see the difference and love and appreciate you more for it. R-E-S-I-G-N!!!!!!!!!!!

What state you are in?

I think you should look inside. Mybe the problem is not the job, Remember you are at will and should feel maybe a bit lucky you get paid so well for what you do. Take pride in what you do don't let others get you down and maybe the job will go better for you, as will life.

You have my deepest sympathy. I had what sounds like the same job (and as a single parent, felt I had no choice but to keep it). Only you can decide what you must do, but I'll tell you that I finally quit with IMMENSE trepidation and have never regretted it. The next job paid less initially, but the improvement in my health, outlook and emotional state MORE than made up for it. Good luck!

Since you can't quit, take the knowledge that you have about the people you work with and deal with them on those terms. For instance, your boss is deceitful; you need to make sure you keep your eyes and ears open. You never know when your back will be the next one he stabs. They've already demoted you have no recourse; a company has a right to "restructure" your job. They don’t value your opinion or suggestions so stop giving them you aren’t accomplishing anything. Your co-workers are backstabbers; you already know this, don't spend unnecessary time talking to them and don't ever share anything with them that they could possibly use against you. I know its hard but, don't allow these people to upset you and continue looking for another job. When they do upset you, just remind yourself that this is just a temporary situation it might be easier to deal with if you look at every week as your last week. You will never get their respect so don't wait for it. I am an outspoken person so when I had a problem with people in my department disrespecting me, I told them that I do not allow people to speak to/treat me that way. If you feel as though standing up for yourself will be detrimental then by all means "suffer in silence." You can't change these people so you'll have to learn how to work/deal with them until a new job comes along.

I feel for you! Are you my long-lost twin? I am in the same position, except there are two disrespectful owners to report to. I agree with you that it is stressful. I have to say I have watched a lot of people leave, and sometimes wonder why I have stayed. I also understand completely about the money - not only do we have a mortgage to pay, but we have a wedding coming up in a few months, so we are already on a strict budget. I have recently started researching other companies - I am looking for the right fit. I think there are great companies to work for, it is just a matter of being there at the right time to get in. I also went back to school part-time in order to "upgrade" my resume and to network. I too agree that you should look elsewhere - maybe you should work with a head-hunter, and let them do some of the work for you (make sure that the new employer will be responsible for the fees). Someone else said to find a calm center within yourself - that is totally necessary in this position of "ours". PS - Doesn't sound like you have self-esteem problems to me - you just need a little pep talk!

You sound as though you work for my nonprofit organization. The same thing is going on where I work. It affected my health so I started seeing a counselor. It helped me to reaccess my goals and values. I am currently looking for another job and working on obtaining Master Certification in MicroSoft Office.

It takes a toll when you can't trust the person that you report to. I have even determined that I will accept a little less money, if the job will propel me to the next level in my career.

You can always make more money, but you may not be able to recoup your mental and physical health from working in such a stressful situaton.

Where higher ups don't answer to or take responsibility in their "job", is it really where you want to be? Look to ways of advancing your skills while you are there and keep your eyes open for better opportunities. The meek shall inherit the earth, and you will survive with your dignity intact. Walk with your head high and find comfort in knowing that faith in your ability to overcome this obstacle, will earn you more in the long run than all those liars and cheaters out there, who are stuck on the materialism of this world. Society's laws are not always the laws of sanity.

You have a bigger problem than you think. Because you are handling the day to day responsibility of several departments you are going to be the fall guy and that's never a good position to be in if you don't have management behind you. There are jobs in other location and you may have to drive a little to get there but nothing beats peace of mind in the workplace. Pretty soon your health will start to fail, in other words GET OUT!

I personally don't know how you can go to sleep at night knowing all the deceitful things your boss does. There are temp agencies out there that would your skills to the fullest and you would get much more respect and the title to go with it. Wake up and smell the coffee...enough is enough! a temp agency today set up an appt for the testing and get something lined up. Heck I wouldn't even give them a 2 weeks notice!

just my thought

If you are an"ät will" employee who has been "demoted", you should be looking for another job ASAP. You want to get rid of them before they get rid of you. I had a similar situation in the late 1970s and I left for what turned out to be one of the best jobs I ever had. And at that time my hubby was unemployed and my child was still in school. Get the evil boss to write your letter of recommendation & go girl go!

The agree with some of the above. I think you should rethink your job. Sounds like you have more responsbilities and a demotion which makes no sense at all. Don't let this get to your self-esteem. When my brother were out-of-work it took at least 6 mos. to find another job. I also believe it is easier to find a job when you have a job. (Just seems to work that way). Your stress at work definitely carries over into your life whether you like it or not. Try a little harder to find a new job that they will respect you and the interviewee (sp) has some commpassion and look at the people around the office and get a feel for how people like there job there. Just get a feel for the workplace. In the end you will be alot happier!! Your family and friends will love you for the change.


There comes a cross roads that you have to pull back "loyalty" and wanting to see everything work...and question whether you are being taken advantage of. Sounds like they know they have a good, smart employee...yet also that they know that you need this job because of the money. Some doors that open for us, are trap doors. They get us to where we are unhappy...but in a place where money is what keeps us around. When they get you like that, they know it, and they keep you there. Either look for a job with the same duties, but a little less pay, or one with the same pay but a little less duties. Whichever is most important for you. Stand up for yourself, and let it be known how you feel. All and all, it doesn't sound like a very healthy you may want to try to do more with less as far as your financial situation goes..and find a new job. But when you do, do not allow yourself to be pushed around as you are now. Once you establish that for yourself in your position, it will be abused.

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