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Notification system

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Question: Our company’s administrative assistant team will be creating a company-wide notification system to remind each department of critical deadlines that could result in a business penalty if missed. Do you know of a good software or computer program to use for this notification?  -- Anonymous


Some computer systems integrate tickler data and notifications as a part of their program, but I haven't seen any, nor have I been looking for stand-alone tickler notification software. I can suggest, however, that this process could be done via e-mail or fax notification by designating someone to send out a group e-mail or 'blast' fax to all persons that need this information, and have this done on a recurring basis. Have the designated person set up the information in Tasks in Outlook, for each date and what is required. Set the time and date of necessary notification, and it will automatically remind the person to send out the information to the group. You have great flexibility in using Tasks, as it is easy to maintain, and you can mark each one as completed when done. good luck.

Outlook Exchange Server (MS Outlook on a server with calendar sharing) might work. I haven't actually used it but one office I worked in did have it available. Everyone has to buy in on the calendar sharing to make it successful. It is helpful for setting up meeting schedules as well. Check with your IS department or computer consultant.

Something we have tried and had success with is putting two meeting invites that hits everyones Lotus Notes calendar There was one invitation set for 1 week before a deadline and one for the day of the deadline. To do this we sent out an email to all effected employees explaining the invitations, what they were for, and the what the cost to the company was when they missed the deadline -- then sent the invites.
So far it has been successful-the employees get a meeting notice, stating --One Week that pops up 1 week before the deadline as a reminder that they have 1 week. On the day before the deadline we simply go to second meeting invite (on the day of the deadline) and sent a confirmation that lets any "slackers" know they have 24 hours to complete the work. It has been successful in eliminateing anyone claiming they didn't know when the deadline was. The only person who came back with a past due was reminded by our boss that they had received two notices of when the work was due and had to explain to him why their work was past due.

Outlook can do this beautifully when in a network environment. Just open up a new appointment and put what the reminder is. Make sure you designate how much time before the actual event that you want the reminder to be and change the reminder time (it can be anywhere from no time to weeks or even months) Then click on the Scheduling tab and add all the e-mail addresses that need to be reminded of this deadline using the add others button. Then, just send. It will send an appointment to all of the people you wanted to remind. All they have to do is accept the appointment and it will be put on thier Outlook calendar and give them a reminder (it will pop up on thier screen as long as Outlook is open or as soon as they open Outlook after the reminder time/date). This will also work with PDAs as long as they are synced with Outlook regularly.

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