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Job descriptions

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Question: I have been given a project that defines the position expectations for the roles of a secretary, executive secretary and admin assistant.  Would you have anything like this request? I have attempted to start this spreadsheet and I think this is the direction that the executives are looking for. I would deeply appreciate any assistance you can give me.  -- Joy Lepper

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Joy, you seem to be off to a great start. Most progressive companies prepare tables of performance indicators like these and open them up for all employees to see.

I would suggest that you write them in the active voice. Rather than list "Ability to:" say "Composes memos.." "Listens carefully..." "Asks questions..." That way you can evaluate individuals as "learning or developing", "performing", or having "mastery" the skill. I have been in situations where the employee claims the "ability" to do everything at the top-most level. Both you and the employee will be able to reference actual examples in support of performance.

You might also consider having each higher position reference the performance measures of the previous positions PLUS...

You have some great performance measures listed in the general heading of communication. Why not write them in active voice and use them for the highest level position. Under the general heading you would simply summarize the roles that are encompassed by the heading. In your company and for the admin-related positions, what does "communication" mean? It could mean different things in different job categories.

Looking at the remaining Skills and Talents headings, it is crucial to distinguish the behavioral ones from the quantitative ones like Technical Knowledge.

Please share the results when you finish.

Check some of the jobseeker websites on the internet to see what other companies are putting in thier job descriptions. Some things that we do, we do so blindly because we have "always" done it that we completely forget that it is actually part of our job description. Looking at other job descriptions can remind us that it is actually one of our tasks. Also, these websites can put into focus what duties are only expected from one or two of the three positions and what duties are expected from all of them.

Joy, Have you finished the spreadsheet on job descriptions? If you have, I would really like a copy of it

Sorry about my last posting. Please send me a copy of your spreadsheet for job descriptions. I'm located in Newark, DE. Thank you.

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