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Getting out the door on time

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For busy professionals, every minute you have in the morning is precious, and getting out the door on time is priceless. (That goes double if you have a family to hustle out the door, as well.) What sorts of tricks do you use to make a fast exit and get to work on time? Email the editor your solutions at and see them in an upcoming issue of "Personal Report for the Administrative Professional."


No tricks at all -- just being organized! I start from the time I need to be going out my door and work backwards to establish mini-deadlines for myself right through until the time I need to get up. Such as what time I need to be getting my lunch packed, what time I need to be having breakfast by and what time I need to start getting ready to actually go out the door by. It helps keep me on track and then I also know where I went over, time-wise! But my other suggestion would be to stay focused, even though this is tuff, because as soon as you get distracted, you will slow down.

I press my clothes and pack my lunch the night before. I'm never rushed or late for work.

I must agree with Susan. I do everything I can the night before, so as not to rush the following morning. I try to do a lot of cooking on the weekend, so I rarely have to cook during the week - unless there are special requests from the family. I recommend trying this one weekend and you can place just about anything in the freezer. That way when you're ready for a particular dinner, you can toss it in the microwave to defrost. Whoila! Dinner is served! Hope this helps.

I have twins, so how smoothly my morning goes depends on my preparation the night before. I make sure that bottles are made, diaper bag is packed, barrettes & clothes are set out & girls are bathed the night before. I've also gotten into the habit of, on Sunday, setting out & pressing my outfits for the entire week. Needless to say, I always feel somewhat rushed in the morning, but most days aren't too bad ;o)

I have taken notice of how much time I use in the morning both when I move in a leisurely fashion, or put it into high gear. That way I know exactly how much time I need in the morning - and if I happen to get up late, if putting it into high gear will get me out the door in time. I'm not a morning person at all, so for me, not getting distracted is important... I try to stay focused on each task/routine and watch the clock. But the most important key to getting out the door on time, is getting out of bed on time.

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