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Bosses Day Suggestions

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Question: Anyone doing something special for Bosses Day? Last year, we had a potluck and put together a game and a slideshow about the bosses, but we're having trouble coming up with new ideas for this year. (Oct. 16 is Bosses Day, but we'll celebrate it on either the 14th or the 17th.)  -- Evelyn


Scrapbooking seems to be a popular fad right now. A couple of years ago, each employee wrote a thank you note to our boss and we created a scrapbook of each person she supervised along w/ a picture of the employee. We included pictures of Christmas parties, A baby shower we had hosted for a fellow co-worker, etc.

The scrapbook itself became a prized possession in our department. We continue to add pages to it till this day.

In the past, we have celebrated with a group luncheon of all the executives and their admins at a nice local restaurant. It was a fun way for everyone to recognize the day as a group.

If you have a chiropractor or massage therapist in your area that wants to do some marketing, present to them that a good marketing strategy for new patients would be to go by offices and give staff 10 minute massages. That is what I am giving my staff (office manager to 10 people) for Boss's Day next week.
Jo Ann

Something that we did one year that was really neat was that we had a cookout on the roof of our building outside our Penthouse. We had a grill from a giveaway so just dragged it out. Everyone brought a covered dish and some folks gave money toward drinks and the hamburgers and hot dogs. It turned out to be a beautiful day and we had a lot of fun. Our building is only 8 stories plus the Penthouse and we did not eat outside but were able to have the doors to the roof patio open. I know not everyone would be able to do this, but our bosses loved it because it was so different from what most folks do. They felt like we really put some thought into it. I hope that you receive many more responses to this question because we are stressing right now looking for a new idea.

The managers and myself have done something different every year for our Director. One year, we did a scavenger hunt, where each of us had a clue and a "prize" that he had to pick up so that in the end, he had some items for his next backpacking trip with his family. Another time, we had one of those oversized cards signed by everyone in the dept and each one of the managers presented him with a large bag of candy that he liked. He thought it was fabulous! We always try to do something that adds a personal touch (like for his outdoor activities or his penchant for specific candy types). It doesn't cost a lot and provides great memories.

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