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Program for salary recognition

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Question: We are trying to create a recognition program for salaried employees. What criteria does your organization use to recognize salaried employees?  -- Anonymous


We have a recognition program that all staff are eligible for, up to and including the President of the organization.
STARBURST cards are available in the HR department and any staff member can give another staff member a STARBURST card for demonstrating behaviors within the organization's service standards. The cards are put into a random drawing weekly for special prizes.
In addition, we coordinated a trip to a SF Giants game as an all day retreat for managers'.

Our Organization has done this for years. The award is based on years of service. Starting with 10 years. The employee has the opportunity to chose a modest gift from a designated catalog and an executive officer presents the gift during a luncheon that other employees pay to attend.

We also have an outstanding employee award. This award is given to the person with the most nominations from fellow employees explaining what this person has done that makes them outstanding for the year. The employee receives a plaque and $500 from the company.

My employer has several programs in place. Probably the best received are the spot bonus program for "above and beyond" performance for managers and the blue chip program for non-exempt staff where chips are awarded singly or in multiples depending on circumstances, and recipients spend them at their discretion, singly or in groups, from a list including movie tickets up to a full day off! There's also an annual performance based bonus by department determined by how well goals are met.

I have one comment. I have worked for several different companies as a contractor (basically a long term temp), sometimes for up to two years at a time and I have come across a lot of these programs. However, there is always one little problem with them, they ONLY include permanent employees and the contractors are usually left out in the cold. I don't know if management thinks that they get plenty of recognition from the contracting company who signs thier checks or if they just don't consider them part of the team. I can tell you this, the most recognition that I have ever recieved from a contracting company is a coupon for 1 pound of See's candy at Christmas. However, if the company get's a day off with pay, you do too, but you don't get paid, you just get the day off. With the strong move towards contractors in the workplace due to specialized skills that are only needed for short periods, any bonus/reward program needs to include ALL people who work for the company, whether or not they get paid by that company's check. Anything else leaves a lot of vital employees feeling left out and, unfortunately, affects the moral of the entire company.

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