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Interview questions

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Question: I recently applied for a new position within my company.  I have worked in my current position for a very long time, and without going into a long story, I have never had a "real" interview.  Our company does panel (3-5 people) interviews now for all positions.

Can any of you help me out with what kind of questions are being asked at interviews?  Most of the resources I find seem to be geared toward technical positions.  -- Anonymous


Where I work also does 'panel' interviews. Many of the questions asked are experience based: what sort of experience have you had that will help you in this position sort of questions. Other questions may be things like: what is the hardest/most enjoyable part of your current job and will that be better or worse in this position. What are your strengths and weaknesses - - people often think this is sort of 'blah'....but it is VERY important to know and be able to explain why. Hope this helps.

First, good luck. Second, there is a book that is out called "96 Great Interview Questions to Ask Before you Hire". The book has a section on questions that interviewers can ask administrative personnel, this was a big help to me so i had an ideal of questions an interviewer would ask and I could prepare. Also, I would suggest preparing by thinking of at least 5 positive characterics that would be beneficial to the position that you have applied for. Then instead of naming the adjectives place them in reference to your current position and how this would be a benefit to the new position. ie organization skills. During my time as ____ I have organized and devloped a new scanning and filing that is still being utilized within the department.

Also, make sure you have a list of questions for them. Such as what do you feel a typical day for this position would entail? I understand this position is new, do you see this as a work in progress in developing the position or do you have concrete ideals on how it should be handled.

My husband was recently at an interview with a panel. One interesting question they asked is where do you see yourself in five years from now. They also asked about what makes teams good and the attributes of a good team leader. In my interview experience teamwork is a major player - i.e. how you work in teams, what you value in teams, etc.

As mentioned, questions about strengths and weaknesses are still asked. You should always relay your weaknesses with a positive spin such as how you overcome your weakness.

If you are interviewing for an administrative job one question that is commonly asked is how you handle conflicting priorities. They will often set it up in a "what would you do if" scenario. Often they also include questions on how you orgnize yourself and your work.

Other then that, make sure you are early so you have time to compose yourself. GOOD LUCK!

Try to phrase your answers in terms of what you'll give back to the person who hires you, rather than what you'll get out of the situation.
A great book for interview prep is "What Color Is Your Parachute?".
As the panel takes turns asking you questions, be sure to turn your body just a bit toward the questioner, look him or her in the eye, and answer.
Good luck--hope this helps!

please where can i find ebook "96 Great Interview Questions to Ask Before you Hire" for free???

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