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Question: "I support two groups of five (off-site) regional managers. Each of these groups has a set of weekly, bi-weekly and monthly reports that are due regularly. (There is some overlap.)

I am trying to put together some sort of report-tracking grid or calendar so I can track the dates that each manager submits each report. My problem is that the report seems to be "three-dimensional" (Report x Manager x Due Date).

Does anyone have a concise, easy-to-read and -manage spreadsheet or table that tracks this sort of thing?

Thank you!  -- Jennifer


Is it possible that the "Report" and "Due Date" describe the same thing? Instead of Labeling "Bimonthly" and a due date, just give the Due Date. Also, you might color code the Due Date according to the type of Report due. I'm kind of responding in the dark, but maybe this helps.

I use a controlling calendar for all my projects. Projects are listed down the left side, days of the week across the top, creating a grid. I put a circle in the box below the final due date then work backwards, listing necessary tasks and giving deadlines for each one so the project gets done on time. Remember to allow some slack, especially is you must get info from someone else. You can look down the column for the current day and see exactly what needs to be finished that day to keep on schedule. If it isn't finished, circle that box and circle the next box, moving the task to the next day. Delaying from day to day, it will begin to look like a string of pearls, and then it becomes a top priority. It takes practice to get used to this, but it really helps me keep on top of everything and all the separate pieces to a project.

I also have several groups that have deadlines for turning items into me so I can meet other deadlines. I use Outlook, create a recurring task for when each group must have their work to me and also one for when I must submit the work to my boss. I have it remind me a day ahead to I can remind the groups of their deadlines. I also usually give myself a day for problems when setting these tasks.

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