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Frustrated AA

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Question: It's review/bonus time at my company. I'm the AA to the HR/OM (and everyone else). That's the least of my issues.

I automatically took on the marketing assistant position and have been doing that work since the beginning of May. I do it only because it needs to be done, not because I'm learning anything that has anything to do with my job.

I feel that, because I've automatically taken on this role (with zero compensation), no one is worried about hiring someone for the job.  How do I get the raise and bonus I deserve?  -- Frustrated LD


Successful performance reviews are always based on a set of goals and expected performace against them. Hopefully you had this in place at the start of the year, but I relaize that many companies do not do this. That being the case, you should draft a set of goals that you believe were present at the start of the year and any new ones that materialized during the year (related to taking on new responsibilities). Then, write down your accomplishements with an emphasis on the value to the company and to your bosses' objectives. Make your assertions for your performance rating, raise, and bonus based on the clearly tangible evidence that you will have in writing. Be careful not to create laundry lists of tasks accomplished - keep the focus on the value of the output. Then, for the coming year, initiate an upfront discussion of goals and expectations and be sure to have the marketing role included so your contriubtions cannot be discounted come January 2007.
Good Luck

The best approach is to put on paper the work you have completed and separate your AA responsibilities from the Marketing Assistant responsibilities. Provide examples that demostrate your performance and skills required for successfully managing both functions. Present this information to your supervisor to ensure he/she is aware of your workload. Let him/her know that you took the initiatve to performed this additional function because you identified a need and fulfilled that need. You would like to be compensated appropriately either with more money or a promotion.

If you do research on each of your "jobs" by checking your state workforce website, amazon, etc. Then compile what is paid for each of those positions. If you are carrying the load of several jobs then you could request a market adjustment. Be sure to have a job description for your original job and do the comparisons from there. Many companies are consolidating positions, without the pay raise. If you have something that will substantiate your request, and it is granted, then be fully prepared to now be "stuck" with the job.

I agree with all the comments above, plus one more. You may want to do some research about marketing jobs at other companies. Perhaps you will have to consider leaving your company if you are not being compensated adequately. Of course, you won''t quit your job while you are exploring other opportunities.

Totally agree with all the responses! Keep your resume up to date and make sure to emphasize your ability to multi-task and your willingness to take on new and exciting projects. Even though it may be frustrating to you, this may be a blessing in disguise. You may find that you have a knack for marketing!

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