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Job title upgrade?

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Question: "When I returned to work after the recent holidays, I learned that a junior admin in our office had had her title upgraded to equal mine. When I asked my boss about this, she said that it was to keep job titles similar to those of our sister companies.

"I've worked here much longer than this person has and I have more important responsibilities. I don't know how her salary compares to mine ... and I don't want to know. But I do feel that I earned my title and she didn't.

"What should I do about this?"  -- Frustrated in Alabama


Be the professional that the title you have demands. Be a team player. You EARNED the title, so don't be insecure.

I experienced a similar situation. I had been here 2 years and a new admin was hired as a temp. When she received an offer from another company, my boss made a better offer to her so that she won't leave. I was happy for her, but I also learned that she was offered more money than I was getting do less.

As unfair as I thought that was, I knew I could not let that affect me. I continued to work hard and a year later, I was promoted to an Executive Assistant...and now, I am the Admin Manager.

Hang in there and be patient. Don't hurt yourself by being upset. Your hard work should speak for itself.

Dear Frustrated, as upsetting as it might seem, I am forced to recall the parable in the Bible where a man went out to hire workers. He offered them a day's wage for their labor. Towards the end of the day he realized that he needed more laborers to finish the job and hired more hands. At the close of the day when they were paid, the ones that were hired in the morning, came to the Master and said it didn't seem fair that the ones that came later got the same pay, to which the Master replied, "Did I not pay you what I said I would when you were hired?" Instead of being frustrated about what others have been given, we need to learn to be content with what we have. Until you learned about her title or salary, were you not content with your title and salary? Don't let the grass in your neighbors yard, blind you with what you have in yours. Be patient and continue to do your job you were hired to do and be diligent in your work and you will reap your rewards in due time.

Here's something for you to consider: Make friends with this person and see what it is she does in her daily duties that made her rise to the top so fast. Work with her, learn from each other and keep constant track of your achievements for performance appraisals.

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