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Cursor issues

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Question: Our office has a custom letterhead template with text boxes at the bottom for each office location to insert its address, phone and fax numbers. Each time we open this template, the cursor is automatically positioned in this text box, no matter where the cursor was in the document the last time the template was updated and saved.  How do we force the cursor to appear in the addressee line at the top of the template each time it's opened?  -- Ann in Wausau


You don't specify what program you're woking in, but what you want sounds more typical of a spreadsheet program than an editor like Word or WordPerfect that people would use for correspondence. Judging by the lack of response, I would guess you either need to get a patch written by a software professional, or just give up and realize it is what it is.

When I need to close down a long document I am editing before I've finished, I leave myself a unique, easily searchable marker where I had to stop, like "XXX". Pick one for yourself and stick to it; we all have enough to remember! Hope this helps a bit.

Thank you. We are working in Microsoft Word.

If your template is a true Microsoft Word template with the dot extension, then it would open to new users as a Document 1 etc. file. Whatever changes made could only be Saved As a new file name thereby leaving the original temmplate intact. It appears that the template you are using is protected and the field for the ending location address is a form field which is also protected. You will have to unprotect the document, create a form field for address line, reprotect the document and save. When you open the template again the cursor should move to the address line at the top and then to the location address at the bottom. Use Microsoft Online to research using the Form toolbar so that you can understand the function better.

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