Ways to boost employee morale

Question: First of all, let me thank all of those who have given me advice in the past. My frustrations have finally been solved. All this time, I thought no one cared how hard I work and I’m awaiting an official promotion to another department.

So, keep up the hard work, everyone. Someone is always paying attention to our dedicated work ethic.

Secondly, my manager wants to boost the employee morale around here and she needs some ideas. We thought some kind of employee get-together may help. Any suggestions? — Anonymous


Way to go on your promotion! Congrats!!
As for some type of get-together, I am assuming this will be something you’ll do during the work day. In the past we have done ice cream sundaes with all types of toppings and flavors of ice cream, waffle breakfasts, etc. My director also does an annual Easter Egg Hunt where he hides eggs for us. Some eggs have candy. Some have numbers in them, which corresponds to prizes he has bought (usually Easter items, such as decorations, picture frames, etc.), and the “golden” egg is a day off with pay. Just some simple fun things that get the staff involved and everyone always has fun.
Good luck!

I used to work for a place where you were encouraged to nominate someone for an “Excellent Service” award whenever they gave it and once per year the company had a celebration honoring those who got the award. It always involved appetizers and drinks. The award wasn’t much, just a postcard-type with the title on the cover and a place on the inside where the nominator could write a personal note.

We have a Morale Booster Committee in our office. On this committee we have a chairman and officers. We plan different events. Once a year we have a staff retreat. Last year staff members voted on where they wanted to go for the retreat. It was a lot of fun. Some of the events in the past have been ice socials, a beach party (with real sand brought in), Salsa Party (with what ever kind of salsa you wanted to bring. It can be homemade or store bought.)Our staff members really like these types of events. We also use our staff retreat as a team building time. This year I am not sure what we will do. There are endless possibilities.

Our top office manager got tired of us asking to wear jeans on Friday. So she said let’s make it fun. We send our reason as to why we should where jeans on Friday to one central person, the Ops person since they have the capability to send everyone in the office an e-mail at once. The person with the best story or simple one liner wins it for everybody. These are usually a story of an experience someone may have had whether it’s true or not.
This has been good with getting to know others you don’t see. We also celebrate birthdays once a month. Another way is to allow an employee to park in a reserved spot for a month. That helps if you’re rushing in to work and don’t have to be stressed about where to park. these are just some things we do here. I hope this helps.

The company I work for is big on building/maintaining employee relationships. One event that we recently did that was extremely successful was a picnic in a park, inviting all employees and their families. The company provided the meats for the BBQ, and all the employees signed up for and brought side dishes (salads, desserts, chips, etc.). The veranda where we ate at was right next to the playground area, so the kids had somewhere to go, and I reserved a sand volley ball court that was nearby, so the adults were able to “play” as well. It was a great turnout, the weather was perfect (we’re in Arizona and March weather is lovely), and it was so fun seeing everyone with their families.

We recently had a 50s Hop for about 150 employees. We decorated the room with old records, ice cream soda centerpieces, and 50s memorabilia. There was food, 50s music and we had a costume contest. The winner had dressed up as a 50s diner waitress. Award pins were given out for years of service. Door prizes included donated gift certificates ranging from $25 to $50 (included restaurants and stores), clothing and iPods. The event was well received and brought our whole group together in a fun way.

Some sort of RETREAT, we you can connect not only on a professional level but also on a personal level. Something that everyone can participate in. Mini golf – white water rafting, even going to the zoo…and just have a small location where you can have lunch and meet for about two hours and make sure people can put all their cards on the table. This is a forum type meeting where people can express what is going on and frustrations without any ramifications.

Also, create some sort of employee of the month type thing and give out small prizes (movie passes, gift certs.) helps productivity and makes people feel good when they get it.

We have potluck’s where everyone brings a different food item (there is a sign up sheet in the kitchen) and at noon we all eat in the employee dining room. Sometimes we have a theme potluck such as Mexican, Soup & Sandwich or whatever strikes our fancy. We have done 50’s with ice cream soda fountain floats etc.

I conduct a monthly celebration for achieving monthly unit goals. This celebration is held for approximately 200 associates.

Some of the things that we have done is as follows:
1)Winter Olympics/Sub Day
2)Chocolate Fountain
3)Massage Therapy

Each of these functions also have two give-a-ways. All names go into a drawing and we draw for the prizes. Some of our prizes have been:
1)Home Theater System
2)DVD Player
3)Gift Certificates

Our company has a “spirit committee” we do all types of events through out the year. We do scavenger hunts for holidays, a big company picnic, we do golf scrambles, and paintballing. We have a minor league baseball team here in our city and we do a family night to the game. We also do cookouts during the summer once a month. Good luck with your search

Congratulations on your promotion!

Ideas for employee morale. I work at a company that does not have alot of money to pay for special events. So management took a poll of what means most to staff: bonuses/awards or time off. Everyone voted for time off. Here are some of the ideas we’ve come up with:

1)Monthly potlucks: get management to allow for an extended lunch. Everyone contributes a dish, beverage or supply. We start at 11:30am (prep time to heat up food, set up tables, etc.), eat and socialize between 12noon and 1pm, and then clean up between 1pm and 1:30pm. This boost morale in a couple of ways: it allows the company/management to look good by allowing a for an extended lunch, management uses this time to acknowledge special recognitions for employees who have gone “above and beyond” the call of duty and anniversaries with the company. In the Thanksgiving potluck, we pick names for the gift exchange that happens during the December potluck. We keep the gift under $25 dollars per person.

2)Costume Bowling Party: we have this twice a year. Once in late April and once during Halloween. During the Halloween season, the staff who have children get a kick out of picking out costumes with their children. On this day, if any of the schools have a costume parade or party – the parents are allowed to participate. At 2pm we close the office and go to the bowling alley. It is not mandatory to attend because we pay for ourselves, but we usually have 80% of the staff show up. During the April party, all staff votes on who has the most clever costume. At the bowling party we announce who won. The winner gets 2 paid hours off.

3)Birthday cards/parties for the office: Have the office manager purchase a wholesale box of greeting cards (they sell them at craft stores). The receptionist keeps the list of birthdays. At the beginning of the month, she makes sure everyone signs the card(s). The cards are given to the employee on the date of their actually birthday. Also, she collects $1 from the 44 employees for the monthly birthday fund. That money is spent for a birthday cake, milk, plates, etc. The last Friday of the month at 3pm is when we have the birthday party and share the cake. We usually finish at 4pm and then go home.

Hope this helps!

My company cares a lot about their employees. We have regular events to keep employee morale up. We have an annual company picnic for the entire family, a bowling tournament every March, a white-water rafting trip in the late summer, a great Christmas party. We also have little “surprise” treats, like a catered ice cream sundae party after a staff meeting, then an early go home. We have themed birthday parties once a quarter – Mexican, or Cajun, for example. We had a Thanksgiving feast for our fall birthdays one year.

A Way to Boost Morale:

There are approximately 75 colleagues working on my floor. We do a quarterly Goody Day. Each colleague is invited to participate by bringing a dish to share. We reserve a conference room for the day (usually Friday as we are allowed a casual Friday), the food is brought in and the colleagues are allowed to help themselves. The atmosphere is relaxed, the colleagues are able to mingle and meet with others outside their respective departments. (There are three departments on our floor.) By utilizing this method, the colleagues seem to enjoy coming to work as we all seem more like friends and family than just coworkers. This has boosted morale as some colleagues have found other colleagues to bond with (at work and away) and also to network with when needing help with something at work.

I’m all for employee morale AND teambuilding together!

An event that we are having right now at our company is a “Pet Pageant”. It’s absolutely hilarious, everyone can participate, and there’s ton’s of fun being had. Lots of people don’t really do “events,” or can’t participate because they work the night shift, or don’t like the social interaction. This works for everyone!!

There are five categories (1) cutest pet; (2) ugliest pet; (3) funniest pet picture; (4) best pet-owner look-alike; and (5) best pet story. Very few rules. All the entries are posted on a designated bulletin board for everyone to see (it’s being going on for 2 weeks now). A vote will take place next week by all the employees. And the results will be announced and pet prizes will be awarded at the next all-employee meeting … the following week.

Not only is it fun, but it’s really giving people something to talk about, to laugh about, to enjoy with each other. It doesn’t cost them anything, except a picture. So far, it’s been the best idea in a long time!

OTHER IDEAS: Rent an old fashion pop-corn machine. Have Ben & Jerry’s come in during the lunch period. Rent a Foosball table for the day. Have a trivia contest, asking questions about other employees. And of course … cash and free stuff!