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Need advice on finding a job

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Question: My husband and I would like to move back to Dallas but want to have employment before I get there. I have sent resumes out, but it does not seem to be productive. Does anyone have any advice?  -- Moving


You might apply at the universities in the area. UNT is just a short drive from Dallas.

You may want to sign on with some temp agencies in the area. They can get you assignments at organizations that may prefer to try out "new employees" prior to offering them permanent employment. It is also a way for you to try out different organizations. It can be an excellent way to interview without actually interviewing.

Use your cover letter to your advantage here. You say you're already planning to move to Dallas - and I presume at your own you say that anywhere in your cover letter? Companies are probably passing you over because your resume lists an out-of town address and they don't want to finance a relocation when they have plenty of local candidates to choose from already. If your intent is to move to Dallas on your own, then make that fact loud and clear in your cover letter. Keep trying and good luck!

I highly recommend that you contact one of the IAAP local chapters in Dallas. Find them on the IAAP website at Go to Chapter Locator and click on the Texas map. IAAP is THE way to find your next job. Welcome to Texas!

I have moved frequently between OK, NM, and TX - I typically went through the temp agencies. I would suggest a trip to visit and walk a few resumes to local bussiness you are interested in and sign up with a few temp agencies. The advantage with signing up with a temp agency is to find a good fit for you and kinda pick their brains on your industry - I've done this many times and do not always actually accept work from them. - The Las Colinas/Irving area pays very well. You should check out some of the local or division IAAP chapters for job postings or call/e-mail one of their officers. Another possibility would be to check out the Dallas Morning News on-line for job postings - I found my present job in Oklahoma by searching the on-line classifieds in the Daily Oklahoman. Good Luck!

Do you have any contacts within the company that are from that state? Ask around, even outside your work, you may find that you could have a contact and they may be able to help you find an "in". I would also suggest going to your chamber of commerce because they do a ton of networking and would definetly know someone. They hold alot of networking seminars/meetings etc. and I am sure through your company you could attend some meetings and meet people. They may even have phone numbers to temp agencies where you want to move that are reputable

You may want to look at speaking to a headhunter or placement agency.

You mentioned you are moving back to Dallas - do you or your husband have any past contacts when you lived there before? Sometimes these contacts can be helpful since they are already in the area and may be aware of companies that would be a good match for you. Good Luck!

American Airlines periodically hires administrative help. Go to the website I have been with the company for 7 years and have worked at several locations in the DFW area. I Love It!

Have your Tried Office Team, they are great, they specialize in Administrative Professional Placements. Their website is

I hope this is helpful.

I had the same fears when I moved to Chicago. Several interviews for direct-hire positions resulted in nada. Then I took the first temp job offered (receptionist at a bank), and after 3 months the branch manager offered me a position as her Executive Assistant.

I ended up getting a better offer from another company at the same time, and was able to use my first offer to negotiate an ever BETTER offer from that company, which hired me outright, not as a temp-to-perm), as well as a 6-month review (which resulted in a 9% raise).

So yeah, temping is the way to go on this one (but still try for a direct-hire to keep your interviewing skills sharp -- and you might just get lucky!).

Submit your resume to every Dallas placement service you can find. This gives you maximum exposure in minimum time, and well worth any placement fees that apply. this is the website for the State of Texas. If you will register with them it will allow employers in the area to view your resume. You are also able to view different positions that are open in the area that are matched to your skills and abilities. State, city and county jobs use this website and you will be able to have a state application made from your information for positions available. If you were in the Bell County area I would be able to assist more.

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