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Adobe Acrobat help?

Get PDF file

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Question: I don't have much exposure to Adobe Acrobat, but occasionally, a form will appear (such as an application) and I would like to know:

How can I type directly onto one of these forms without having to print it and then complete it by hand?

Many thanks in advance!  -- Anonymous in Burbank, Calif.


What type of version of Adobe do you have? Most computers come with an Adobe Reader Application meaning you can view any Adobe file but you can not make changes to the file. You will need Full Adobe Acrobat to make changes or write on the form. I hope this helps.

I've found a couple of possibilities:
1. There are inexpensive programs that will convert PDF files into Word files. I can't speak to their effectiveness; I just know they are available.
2. Sometimes you can go to edit/select all, then edit/copy, then paste it into a Word document. It depends on the level of security the originator placed on the original file.

I'd be glad to read more from others.

In order to alter an Adobe Document you will have to purchase the full Adobe Software.

It could be that the forms are password protected and will not allow you to alter them by putting your wrriten information in them.

I believe you need the full Adobe package (read/write) in order to complete the forms on-line.

Honestly it depends on what version of Adobe you have. I have Adobe Acrobate 7.0 Professional. This has a function called typewriter which you can use to type anywhere in a document. I use it quite regularly and find it to be a wonderful tool. Adobe Reader doesn't have this function and if I'm not mistaken 7.0 is the first version to have it. Your other option is to call the person sending you the application and ask to have an editable electronic version. Most companies will have this available. Good luck!

Hello! Everyone that has responded to this inquiry with the exception of Cat is totally clueless. Adobe Reader is a program that does exactly that. It allows you to read the document(s). Companies and/or individuals use Adobe Acrobat because they don't want anyone else to change the document. That is why there is Adobe Acrobat Reader and Adobe Acrobat Writer. They both perform different functions. Why don't you get your company to allow you to get educated on some software products. Or...use internet sources, libraries, friends, etc.

I'd rather be clueless than rude....

From what I can tell, it depends on the version of Reader that you have and how and what version the original form was saved in. I only have Reader on my computer - my company will not purchase the Writer version, however, there is a government order form that I downloaded and utilize in Reader format. I can type in this form and save it for the next re-order. Hope this helps.

Adobe is the name of the software company that mades the Acrobat progam used to share documents with others that may not have the original software which was used to create it. A "print document" is made in .pdf (portable document format) that can be read using the standard free version of Acrobat commony refered to as Acrobat Reader.

You can purchase the full blown Acrobat called Acrobat Professional with which you can make a fill-in-the-blank document that can be completed if you have the Free Reader application. I am not familar with the Typewriter function of 7.0 as I only have 6.0.

With Acrobat Professional you can make modifications to documents, send out a document with a digital signature, send out a document for reveiw and comments, or save publications to be sent to a printing service.

In your situation with this particular form, unless you know the person that sent it to you and they have Acrobat Professional and are willing to put fields in it for you, you will have to fill it out by hand.

This feature alone is enough justification in my book to purchase the Professional version.

Hope this helps. (I just finished putting fields in a form before sending out to my employees!)

Ask the sender to put it into an editable format. I have filled out adobe forms that were emailed to me, but it has to be set up that way by the creater. I have tried copying and pasting and it does not work so well, unless you have the time to reformat it. If that's the case, you may have time to just recreate it in a word document yourself. But the creator of the document makes the choice to have as a read only or changes can be made. HOpe this helps.

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