Are you an expert with Lotus Notes?

Question: We use Lotus Notes in our office, but we can’t use it to print out a monthly calendar. It prints each day on several pages and is very difficult to read.

We’ve tried every way we know how, but it still comes out the same.

Any suggestions? — Sandra Rudolph, Miami


Directions for printing monthly view (version 6.5)

Click calendar
Under section what to print – select monthly
Under the Print Range section select the dates to print

This should work – works for me

If you are trying to caputure meetings, etc. on the calendar, then you might get multiple pages if the data doesn’t fit in the space. But if you want to just print a calendar, select Print, when the print window appears, under the Printer tab, select As Laid Out on Screen. Make sure the Calendar Style window has Monthly Style selected, then hit OK. This will print one Portrait page. For Landscape- in the print screen, click on settings, Finishing tab, then Landscape. Hope this helps.

Try – Lots of variations & cheap.

In calendar mode, go to file,print, under the “What to Print” heading check the “print calendar” and then further down, under calendar style, you may choose from the drop down box – and one of the choices is “monthly”. This should solve the problem.

I guess I was not specific enough about my Lotus Notes Calendar printing problem. I can print the calendar, but because I have so many meetings each day, the information flows onto the next page. Therefore, I may have two or three pages of, let’s say, August 6. It’s very hard to read. Thanks to all that have responded. I appreciate everyone’s help.

Our company uses Lotus Calendar Print to generate printed copies of calendars for our executives. It includes many formatting options such as the ability to print the calendar weekly, monthly, by a specified number of days, or a group. You can also select which additional items you want to include in the printed version: 3-month header, chairperson, location, required invitees, optional invitees, time slots, and detailed description. Hope this helps!