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Advice to reacquaint myself with Access?

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Question: I have had MS Access software training in the past but until now had no need to create a database. Now, I need a quick refresher course on it.

I was sent an Access database already created with the information that I need. All I need to do is remove the information that I don’t need and put it into a format that is more conducive to my needs. And of course, I have a very short period of time to do this.

Any suggestions?  -- Lori


I have found some great "free" training on the Microsoft websit. You can just type in your question or go th the acess training and go from there. It has helped me a lot as I am self taught on Microsoft Acess and Excel.

Hi Lori,

Whenever I have a particular Access problem, I use Google to find a solution. There are numerous sites and discussion groups with snippets of code and information. Chances are someone else has the same problem you do and the answer is out there.

As for your specific question, it depends first on whether they sent you one or two files for the database. If it is one file, it means the forms, reports, AND data tables are all contained in the one file. If there are two files, one of them contains only the Tables. That one is often called the backend (or BE) or is named differently than the "program" alone. If there are 2 files, follow these instructions for the backend or data tables file. Otherwise, just follow them for the one file they sent.

Open the database in design mode by double clicking while holding down the SHIFT key.

Next, display the Relationships of the tables by selecting Relationships under the TOOLS menu. You need to determine which tables have linked data and the hierarchy of the data.

To manually delete all of the records from the existing database, start with the lowest table in the hierarchy. (You can determine the hierarchy by observing the one-to-many relationships indicated by the 1 and infinity signs). There may be several equally "low" tables. Don't be too concerned about getting it right, because Access will let you know if you try to delete data with links.

Open the Database Window (the one that lists tables, forms, reports, etc) if it is not already displayed, and choose Tables.

Starting with the lowest table in the hierarchy, double click on the table, select ALL of the records and delete them. If the table you chose was not lowest in the hierarchy, you'll get an error telling you about linked records. Not to worry, go to that table and delete those records first.

Do this for all of the records and you should be ready to use the database.

Good Luck. Email me with my link below if you need more help.

There is an interactive DVD from Professor Teaches - you can use with our with out sound (you can get at Circut City, Staples, Office Max) that you can load in your PC and it is reasonablly priced at around $30 for Office 2003, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Word, Outlook.

It's a great help

When in doubt, I go to the experts. Try and when it opens do a search in "Training" on the keyword "Access". You'll get a list of all their tutorials related to that program. As refreshers for what you described, I'd suggest Reports 1 and Queries 1, but you'll have a better idea once you are in there. Good luck!

I understand your situation. I taught myself enought to write a nice little manual check program about 7 years ago. When I changed employers, I went to tweak a report format for my new needs. I was quite impressed with myself for having written it! My, what I had forgotten! Use it or lose it - so true!

You might also try to help you recall what you learned. They have some freebie training sessions and some that you pay for. They are similar to Video Professor and can be quite helpful. Sounds like you have some good info from Bernie.

Good luck!

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