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Must permanently delete the bold

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Question: In attempting to use a Board minutes template, I bold certain agenda items and the text following cannot be bold. How do I permanently delete the bold?  -- Athena


I type up my board meeting minutes in a table. I have our company name and date and time at the top.

After that,I creat a two coloumn table. The left colum has the agenda items on it. The right column is the board dicussion and momtions. Then I just adjust the column width to work for me.I can email you a copy if you'd like to see if it would work for you. just email me and let me know


I don't like using templates for exactly this reason - it doesn't let you make changes easily.

I do board minutes (and other minutes) monthly. I have created a format for myself in MS Word, and simply copy the document over the next month (preserving the formatting) and typing over the text. That way, I can have it exactly the way I want it.

To permanently delete the bold have you tried highlighting the bold and clicking the B on the toolbar line and seeing if that will get rid of it. If you have the functionality to open the styles and formatting, you may be able to find where the bolding starts and stops and delete it from there. Or you may be able to open the template that is used to create your meeting agenda and delete it from there. Just a few suggestions. Hope one of them helps.

If the template is "locked," you cannot change anything. Try clicking on the lock icon then make your change then click on the lock icon again to relock the form. This is an "Outline" function. You may also have some protections in place that you cannot override. Your Word Help menu can shed more light on this feature.

If the template is locked, try unlocking it using the Forms toolbar button. If you can do that the easiest way to correct your Bold problem is to insert another text field beside the one that is used for the "Bold" information and set the font of the new field to regular text. Then lock the form again. Of course, all this depends on you being able to open the template.

I've run into this in Microsoft Word where I tried everything to remove bold formatting to no avail, believe it or not, when I went under Format/Font in the toolbar I was able to remove the bold formatting.

Don't forget the shortcut. Control B to make bold go on and off. Much easier than reaching for the mouse if you are already in the typing mode.

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