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Tell us your dream job

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Question: What's your dream job? If you could wave a magic wand and take on any job -- in any profession -- you wanted, what would it be?  -- Alice Bumgarner, Editor


Mine would be a personal assistant to someone that enjoys life, (business and leisure) travel and has respect for what you do.

I would love to plan travel and events for a large company which would allow me to find locations and be on hand at the events to coordinate everything. I love the planning, the details and of course the traveling.

I'd love to be an event/wedding coordinator!
I'm tired of being stuck in the office all day and with my organizational skills, I think it would be a perfect fit.

My dream job was to be a fashion designer, or had been most of my life. I learned to sew at an early age and now in my late 40's find it is great therapy. I have supplemented my families income when I was a stay-at-home mom by sewing for others and now that I have my "real" dream job as an Executive Assistant. I still enjoy being creative with my sewing and enjoy looking at high-end clothing catalogs and then spend my time dreaming of how I would adapt/change something to fit my personal tastes. The sewing I now do is for me and that has allowed me to not loose my joy of sewing. My original dream job has now become my therapy and that allows me to have the best of both worlds. :)

Rock Star

I agree with Linda. I would love to make all kinds of travel, party, seminar etc, arrangements for a company that would allow me to be hands on and travel to the events to be sure everything runs smooth.

A Broadway singer/performer, one that has comical abilities. It honestly is my absolute dream job!

My dream job would be almost exactly what I'm doing now however there would be one change that would make everything perfect-taking A/R and A/P from start to finish. I really dislike doing these jobs only part way. I do some and my office manager does the rest (not a good idea).

I freely and joyfully admit I'm a complete and total paperwork weenie. I love pushing papers, editing text, doing data entry, tracking data, checking details, and all that other stuff that makes most people roll their eyes up and pull their hair out. So, I guess for the most part this is my dream job.

Horse trainer

Horses have a longer attention span than the average e-mail-challenged exec

There is plenty of positive reinforcement

Way less stress

And the horses appreciate what you do for them

I would love to go in psychology. I love to people watch and see how they react to certain stimuli. I have always been able to listen to people and tell them why they think a certain way or why they do certain things. People in general amaze me. I am not much of a talker, I would prefer to just watch and listen.

I would love to be an office manager of a one or two person show. I would love to have my hands in every little thing about the office from dealing with the customers to ordering office furniture to balancing the budget and paying the bills. All that plus a really great salary...this is my dream job.

Scrapbooking is my favorite hobby and I love to absorb myself in it to get away from all the rush-rush of life. I would love to own my own scrapbooking supply company! Picking out favorite products would be the perfect job for me!!

Over the years I have become an avid 'crafter' - rubber stamping, calligraphy, designing invitations and scrapbooking. In addition, I owned a business and decorated ice cream cakes for scrutinizing customers.

I have organized several events on my present job as a part-time Adm. Asst. My dream job (business) would entail use of the above-mentioned skills with the freedom to use my creativity to execute corporate, church and personal events and celebrations. Also would love for travel to be part of the package.

I'm also in my dream job~pencil & paper pushing ~ AP/AR/HR/Purchasing... It would be nice though if co-workers felt the same about turning in paperwork - chasing down time sheets is not my idea of fun!!!

I would like to stay at home and write books. Fiction. Unfortunately, I need a job with health insurance. Fortunately, that is what I have now.

This is a very interesting topic. I didn't know that so many people enjoy "paper pushing."

I would like to be a psychologist and write creative non-fiction books in the same genre. People interest me - especially what motivates them to do what they do. I also enjoy problem solving and abstract thinking both of which are useful in that profession. Good luck to all of you to reach your goals!

I have 2 dream jobs, if that is allowed :)
Own an interior designer company, not fabrics, but the actual structer and walls. And to live in a fabulous apartment in Boston.

My other job would be a 2nd grade teacher, a tad bit more attainable but unfortunaetly my current job pays better.

My dream job is to be a registered nurse and I am going to school at night, after work, to do just that.

I have 2 dream jobs. One is to work with orcas or dolphins. I've always been amazed and awed at their beauty. Second, I'd like to be a veterinarians assistant which is also related to animals which are amazing and wonderful.

Have at least 3-4 but here are the top two :
A zoo keeper - I would love to care for animals and getting paid to do it would be an added incentive.
A radio jockey - love to hear the sound of my voice

Professional Lottery Winner! (smile)

A teacher. I used to teach young children and I loved how their faces would light up when they learned something new. They were hungry for knowledge and what a thrill to know you, somehow, made a difference in their lives. I don't think we will ever get it right and pay good teachers what they are worth...but most teachers aren't in it for the money...but the satisfaction of knowing they are a part of something bigger...the future. WOW!

i am into beading. i am striving to become good at it to make a living from it. so many different stitches to learn. would love to do this all the time. already i have been told to get my own website. when i get more inventory - i may do just that.

Be careful what you wish for! I met a woman who had been a successful writer of romance novels. I couldn't understand why she had accepted a rather menial position in our organization. Turns out that her book contract kept her virtually chained to a desk in her home, cranking out romances, under deadlines that got tighter and tighter as her publisher wanted new books with increasing frequency. Her husband was her caregiver/gopher - he did all the shopping/cleaning/errands/bills/etc. to free her up for writing. She was exhausted. She ate at the computer. He was her slave. It paid great but they had no life outside of writing and whatever book promotion events she was required to attend. She didn't last long as a clerical worker either - I think she hoped that working in an office would provide her some human contact but everyone is so time-challenged these days they barely have time to talk unless it is business-related. I hope she eventually found a happy medium somewhere! Heck, I hope I do too! 8-)

I would like to be a personal assistant or a virtual assistant, and not just an Executive Assistant for 1 executive. I don't feel busy or challenged enough!

2 dream jobs: classical music, opera, theater critic (pick one).I am a talented writer/observer and would love to get paid for going to events I would pay to attend. Yes, there are many bad ones but are far outweighed by the good ones and with a laptop, it would be easy to write the review & upload to editor at newspaper or magazine.

Other dream job: I'm very involved in politics at the local level: city council, mayor, school board, water board as a community activist, would love to be a political consultant/strategist as an honorable endeavor rather than the sleaze it has become these days.

I am living my dream job(s)!!! As an Executive Assistant and 50 years old, I found myself laid off again from yet another Corporate America position due to office closure, through no fault of my own. Never again! I have joined forces with two fabulous companies that are true to my passions in life.

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Take care,

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