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Celebrating National Boss Day

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Question: National Boss Day (Oct. 16) is fast approaching, and we're looking for a really great way to celebrate. Our company is being sold, and most of us won't be together next year, so we want to find a really fun way to let our bosses know how much our years together have meant.

If anyone has done something in the past that was warmly received by their executives, we'd really appreciate your sharing it with us. We want to knock their socks off this year.

Last year, we hosted a cookout on the roof of our building. It was really fun, but we need something different. Please help!  -- Linda


A picture of the group with a note from each of you is something that is treasured by a boss. They will always have that to look at forever.

I was at a company that had a major layoff and colleagues that had worked together for many years were parting ways. One large department of about 300 people decided to put together a photo album using photos that were taken over the years at many events. Everyone got a copy and they were signing them like high school yearbooks.

They had the books made by a company on the web (I believe there are several that will do it) and all they had to do was email jpegs from digital or scanned photos. And they were not terribly expensive.

Believe me, everyone cherished the gift.

I love the photo ideas mentioned by Bernie and Lynn! I don't know how many people work with you but, what about having a nice lunch catered in. Then have a "Roast" for your boss. Gather some funny stories, touching stories, stories that will bring back a lot of memories. Then perhaps if someone has a video camera they could put it all on film and convert it to DVD for everyone.

I work in an architects office and what we have done in the past for folks that are retiring is to have a photo collage of their projects over the years along with photos of others they have worked this, contractors, office staff, etc. We then have it matted so that everyone can sign around the picture and then have it framed. You could do the same thing, except personalize it to your business, add the company logo (since it will probably change) and get a group shot of all the employees and have everyone sign on the matting.

Scrap book idea is the greatest way to thank your boss'. If you are near the water, take them on a cruise on the river, and do the "Roast" there. If you can spend more, invite some of their "great clients' to join you and have them roast the boss' as well.

We were at a company outing at a resurant and the staff got together and got the owner a plaque, awarding him a thank you for all he does. Along with the presentation was a roast for him. Being able to laugh together was fun, it shows that he can really sit back and enjoy himself, and with all the stress he has it was nice to see him relaxed. We also created a company yearbook last year. We had photos of all the staff, superlatives, a what I will not forget section, photos, that years events, staff newborns, weddings, engagements etc. It was a big hit at our holiday party.

I believe that whatever you decide, expressing to your boss how much you care for them, enjoy their company and show that you are grateful, you'll get the result your looking for. It will make them feel like while you worked together it meant something and that you felt they did a good job.

I worked at a construction company where the job was ending after 3 years. I made a movie of pictures that I had taken and put it to music using Roxio Easy Media Creator. We had pictures from when they were kids too. I also made copies for all the employees so everyone had something to remember our time together. You may do a special one for the boss with little video clips telling how much they are appreciated or a funny story.

To deliver the gift - all of the AA's got together and brought our electric skillets and made breakfast. We ate our breakfast while we watched the premier of the movie.

One Boss's Day we had a really nice luncheon prepared by one of the upscale Deli's in town and invited the coporate bosses.

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