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Preventative flu preparations?

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Question: How is everyone preparing for the flu season? Do you provide flu shots to all employees at your company, bringing in a nurse to do it onsite? Do you reimburse those who get flu shots out of the office? Do you take any other preventative measures within the company?

We hand out alcohol and disinfectant wipes to employees to use in their areas throughout the winter season. We are considering providing flu shots.  -- D.L., Philadelphia


Hello D.L.

Our HR department arranges for a nurse to come onsite and administer flu shots. The company covers most of the cost, so that we only have to pay $15 out of pocket for the vaccination.

Take care,

Our company brings nurses in for two days to administer flu shots to as many people who want them ... company paid. If the employee misses these days or prefers to have his/her own physician give the flu shot, our company reimburses the employee. Our company also just distributed to each employee a flu kit, which consists of hand sanitizer, surface wipes, masks, and gloves.

We provide our employees the opportunity to have the flu shot at 1/2 the cost. This is done at our location, at a pre-determined date and time. A local hospital has a Visiting Nurses program and they bring and administer the flu shots.

I arrange for a nurse to visit several of our locations and provide the flu shots (for free) to employees. Spouses are allowed to obtain a shot for the (our) cost of the shot. For the employees who do not make it to any of the vacination sites, they are reimbursed the amount that we are charged from the administering facility. We are sent one invoice for all shots administered to our employees and spouses.

We provide flu shots to all employees at no cost. This year however, we are offering vaccines to all family members as well. We will arrange for a nurse from our occupational doctor to come on-site. In years past when we didn't have enough interest for the nurse to come on-site, we offer those interested to go to the occupational doctors office for their flu shot which is only about a 15 minute drive from work. We've also just done a powerpoint presentation for flu including the possibility of bird flu and why it's important to get a flu shot, of course however, not pressuring anyone. We also have supplies on hand including hand sanitizer, tissues, anti-bacertial soap, dust masks, gloves, etc. to use during the flu season.

I work at a credit union. We provide on-site flu shots for our customers at a discounted price, and to all employees for free.

Although we encourage all employees to get flu shots (for free!), it's surprising how many don't take advantage of them. Some people mistakenly believe you will get the flu from the vaccination (which is untrue). Others simply think the flu is no big deal, and don't bother with the shots. We try to educate them as much as we can, but it's a shame more people don't take advantage of them.

we used to provide both flu & pneumonia at company's cost, but our insurance now pays 100 percent, employees can go to doctor or clinic of their choice. we supply clorox wipes for workspace wipe down.

We offer our staff free flu shots each season (on-site) and we always have anti-bacterial product on-hand for work stations, lunch rooms and bathrooms.

My company provides flu shots to all the employees free of charge. We set up several clinics for employees to attend. It is usually very well received. We offer flu shots to family members, spouses for "cost" as well. Pneumonia shots are also available at a small fee. We find that providing this service every year helps us as well as the employee.

Working in a health care facility, we offer free flu shots to all employees. In addition to those providing direct patient care wearing gloves, hands are washed frequently thoughout the day with soap and water, and alcohol-based hand rubs are available to all. We make every effort to stay healthy so we are here to care for our patients!

We have a nurse come in and we charge $10 per flu shot. Also we keep LOTS of tissues, hand sanitizer, and bleach wipes on hand. As office manager, I also let everyone know that they should STAY HOME if they are extremely sick, and use the same guidelines as they would use for keeping a sick child out of school.

Our company provides flu shots to our employees free of charge. We have a nurse come in and administer the shots to any who want them. Also, we will reimburse those employees, who were unable to get the flu shot when it is provided at work, up to $25 if they receive a flu shot from another source and bring in a receipt. In fact, we had our little "Flu Shot Clinic" today, and it was a great success.

We provide flu shots - administered by a doctor in our office - as soon as the vaccine is available. Someone in our office is trained to give shots, so latecomers can still get the shots after the Doctor leaves. We also provide boxes of tissues for each desk.

We are too small for on-site shots, but we reimburse employees for the cost of getting a flu shot. We post the times/dates/locations of all the flu shot clinics in the area, which are almost weekly in November and December.

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