I need a feedback template

Question: We have two or three regional meetings a year, and my boss — the EVP — likes to have employees’ comments after each meeting. He wants to know if they feel that they benefited from attending; to rate the presentations/speakers; to see if they feel we can do something better or improve on; and, of course, for their suggestions for future meetings. He also wants them to be “anonymous” so employees feel they can comment how they like and not how they think we want.

I have searched the Web numerous times — even Microsoft templates — to find a feedback/comment card template, etc., but have come up empty-handed. Does anyone have any suggestions and/or templates of their own they can send?

Additionally, because employees have no time at the meetings to give us their comments back, they will need to take the forms with them and submit them once completed. Do you have any suggestions on how to go about this so when they’re returned to me, via U.S. mail, I won’t be able to know whom or where they came from?

Thanking you in advance for your any assistance I receive. — Brenda, bsamartino@kimcorealty.com


http://surveymonkey.com is the BEST!! I use this for surveys, for ordering lunches, for event RSVP’s, for customer satisfaction, for ordering logowear, for employee feedback, for contests/games … etc. You can create the link, and the employees can answer immediately. You can import your email lists. Make them short or detailed. Add pictures. Then download a spreadsheet with all of the responses. I love it!!!

When handing out the form include a self address envelope with your address appearing in both the to and from section of the envelope.

I would assume that your company has email — email a feedback questionnaire asking the participants to provide feedback. When they come back you will know who they came from and if you are missing feedback you will know who hasn’t responded.

Have you looked into creating a form in outlook to collect the data and send it back with the from tag removed?

I am running Outlook 2003 right now so I’m not yet up to speed on it’s forms capabilities but that might be a place to start.

You can also check out Microsoft’s Outlook website, they have an add-in that you can used to collect the data and place it in an Access database for you but it runs $49.00.

Not sure if this will help you or not!


Kendra Townshend


We use something that looks like SurveyMonkey, however ours was built by our in-house IT dept. It is great for surveys after meetings with the staff.


We also use SurveyMonkey and it is becoming the norm here for any survey. It is free for use with a limited number of responses, but for about $20/month you can customize it with your company logo and have unlimited surveys and respondents. Very easy to use!