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Finding VIP transport in Cancun, Mexico

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Question: Our company president and two VPs (her sons) have a business trip planned to a posh resort in the Riviera Maya, Mexico. They have asked me to reserve private/limo transportation to and from Cancun Airport and the resort. The trip from the airport to the resort is about 45 miles. Their flight arrives late, so they need reliable, comfortable transport and preferably a bi-lingual driver.

I have e-mailed the hotel concierge twice requesting transportation information, with no success. How can I locate a reliable transport provider? I’ve searched the airport’s Web site and they offer private transportation, but no business name or contact information is provided, just a PayPal link.

Does anyone have contacts in the travel industry that might be able to assist me with this request?  -- Travel Planner


We use Eagle Limo which is an internationally known service. If you call them they maybe able to assist you. Their number is 1-325-4200. Or they may have a website that provides an 800 number. Good luck!

Did you try a "city" search and white pages around that area? I would try that and if that doesn't help, call the hotel directly and ask to speak to someone regarding a limo to pick up at the airport and provide transportation. Also, advise them that the conceirge at the hotel has NOT responded to your emails, maybe they are out for a few days or weeks and/or maybe they are in the middle of finding a new one. Personally I would contact the hotel directly and not mess with the conceirge at this point (no response). More than likely the hotel staff will be able to give you a few company names to call. Hope this helps (I use to work in the travel industry as an event planner)


Carey Limo is a company that offers car service internationally. Here's their website information.

Our company uses them and they have always had reliable service.

Good luck!

Rather than emailing, why don't you just call the hotel and ask the concierge? I don't know of a single luxury resort in Mexico that my boss has stayed at that doesn't have well-spoken, English speaking concierges. I have always called and relied on the hotel to provide private limo services with no problems at all; they often just tack cost of the private transportation on to the hotel bill since they are often hotel limos that are used. I don't know where your boss is staying, but my boss has stayed several times at the Maroma Hotel in Riviera Maya and they have always provided limo service for him.

Good luck!

We use Empire International and they are very reliable.

this site shows all the cities they serve internationally.

If it is a posh hotel as you said, you should call them instead of emailing and ask to speak with the guest services manager directly and ask him/her directly for assistance. Don't forget to jot down the names of the people that you speak with. Also, ask for written confirmation to ensure all details are covered. By the way, as in most tourist areas, everyone in Cancun speak some level of english good enough to get by.
Good Luck!

Our CEO uses Carey Limo for his car service.

I just got back from the Mayan Riviera, Mexico on Sunday night. We used Cancun Valet for our car service, which we booked on-line prior to our departure. We had 4 different legs to our two week trip and didn't have ANY problems with them. They were waiting for us at every pick up location. They are very professional. I would highly recommend them.

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