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At-home based work

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Question: With the ever-rising cost of materials, especially gasoline, the need for additional income has surfaced as a means of making ends go a bit farther. As a single mother, I would like to do some work-at-home clerical jobs to help with the budget. Has anyone had any experience with this type of employment or do you know of any legitimate organizations that offer at-home based work?  -- Anonymous


There are a variety of web-sites for the Virtual Assistant which may be what you are looking for. It will require marketing and getting your own clients but if you can land one client, word of mouth travels quickly.

Good luck.

BEWARE OF SCAMS! There are tons and tons of them out there. Honestly, in the past 5 years, I have yet to find a legimate offering of this type. Your first clue is if you are asked to pay a fee for information. DON'T DO IT.

Your best bet is networking. Prepare a brochure about what you do (a small tri-fold will work) and give it out to people you know: at your kid's school, around church, at local businesses you patronize, etc.

To market yourself to people you don't know, think about the local businesses in your area that could use your skill set. Then, send them a brochure (or drop one by if you are driving past their store or office). An idea you might try to get their attention is to include something that will get their attention. On your brochure, include a big gold seal that says, "100% Satisfaction Guarantee" or highlighted wording that reads, "Now Accepting New Clients."

You have to become your own sales person to really make home-based work flourish and that includes knowing how to send invoices and do collections. Also, be very clear about what you are/are not willing to do at home, and have a fee structure already in place.

In reality, the chances of finding something through another source is very, very slim. So, use your great skills and put yourself out there! If you would like any additional help, feel free to contact me at

Hi there! This site gives legitimate information for at home work


Virtually Yours 925 is a Virtual Assistant Staffing company located in Albany, NY. We do not charge fees to VA applicants.

We are currently hiring professional Admin Assistants to work from home as Virtual Assistants. Why not check out our website at or pass it on to someone who may be interested in working from home.

Please direct resume to to be considered.

Thank you.

Medical Transcription is a good at home job, but you do need to take the training. God online and type in medical transcription. I don't think it's too costly and most schools will help you find employment.

As a previous poster said, be aware of scams. There are a LOT of them. Especially stay away from any company that sends you an advance check and requires you to send funds back to them. (I work in a financial institution, and you would not believe how many people fall victim to these work-at-home check scams.)

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