Who handles cell phone purchases and repairs at your company?

Question: As the purchasing assistant, I have been handling our agency’s phones for more than five years. This duty will soon be transferred to our IT people. This is definitely NOT a problem; I’ve got enough on my plate. I’m just curious to see how other companies work it all out. – Karen, Michigan


Our Telecommunications dept. handles cell phones for our company.

Our company has hundreds of smaller project sites. At our project, I ordered the phones and all of that for us and another project. It was great – we got everything in a timely manner.

Now Corporate has taken over the function through the IT Department. The last time I ordered phones it took over 18 days to get them and a week to get them activated. Before it would take just 24 hours. It’s a safety issue with us so we really need the phones in a timely manner. I would rather have the function myself.

BP Handbook D

The IT person handles the cell phone contract in our organization. As the office manager, I handled the initial phone set up and distribution of the phones. Also I distributed the company cell phone listing and keep it updated.