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What do you do when you don’t have your own business card?

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Question: My company will not allow administrative professionals to have their own business cards. We must use our superior’s card and write in our names.

Since they won’t budge, I would like to know the proper way to add an admin’s name to the card so others know who the person is and how to contact the individual. Should the name be added to the front or the back and where should the admin write in the contact information? -  Anonymous


Our dispatchers had the same problem. I decided on my own and purchased Avery's blank business cards and made them a sheet of 10 cards for when they went to training functions. Though the Director and Supvervisors stated there was not a need. Well, when the bosses did finally find out about this they did not take it away because they realized that the dispatchers felt important and itlooked more professional than using someone elses card. Besides its very inexpensive. Sometimes its easier to apologize for doing something than ask and be turned down. if they do find out then let them know you were trying this out on a trial basis to see how cost effective it would be, then you can say it proved to be very cost effective since it is generated from the computer and is not taking up cards from other professionals that are made at a printer.

If you did have to use someone else's card I would place on the front "see back" and add my information on the back.

Hope this helps.

I also made up my own cards from avery and put in our company logo. I need them for vendors when they want to know who to call when they have a problem. I also use them for new vendors that come in with a new product that my company would be interested in. I have a very important job which is managing this office so I feel I am in the right. No one knows so it does not matter.

You only need a business card when you are the point of contact. Sometime you dont want to be the point of contact if you cant follow throught.

Sometimes it is not cost effective for companies to purchase business cards for administrative staff. There are often minimum orders that need to be met. What I implimented for our staff is generic cards with our company contact info. Then the admin staff has a space on the card to either hand write their info or print it on a clear label and attach it to the card. We also utilize these cards when we have sales representives walk in without an appointment.

I agree with Michelle, printing your name on a clear label is definately the way to go. I did this before I had business cards of my own. I used a small font to print clear labels with my name and title. It works well and looks neat.

I had a small font stamp made with my name on it, phone # and position and stamped a few of the company generic cards. This worked well for me with very little outlay of money and no further purchases needed.

Our company has cards with no names on them so staff that do not normally have cards printed can print their name on the card when needed.

On the few occasions I've been asked to make up cards for employees who don't have them I used another business card temporarily deleteing the name, title and phone extension, replacing with the intended's information. Once the cards are printed out I don't save the information and the cards goes back to the original.

I would create a label for the back of the boss's card with my contact information. You can print a sheet of labels that you can keep for future use.

Where there's a will, there's a way. It is so NOT expensive to order business cards or make up your own. Just goes to show the lack of respect companies show and how unimportant administrative assistants are today in the workplace! Just let them do without us for a month or two, then see what happens!

I like the idea of a label on back of your bosses card, BUT, business cards are really inexpensive. I think it is a red flag that your company doesn't allow everyone who wants/needs them to have the cards.

This whole situation reminds me of a company I USED TO work for about ten years ago. I worked in the finance department and classes in MS Excel and Word were offered onsite for employees. However, anyone that was clerical could only take the "Level 1" classes; only CPAs could take any of the higher level classes. Talk about limiting your employees and keeping them "in their place". It's too bad decisions like this can't be made based on need, not status.

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