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Searching for a solution to an Outlook calendar problem

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Question: I’m having trouble with an Outlook calendar that I am responsible for arranging. One week after I post the appointment, it disappears. The only appointments that remain on this calendar are recurring ones.

I have checked the various settings, filters and options in Outlook. I have searched through Microsoft Online, and I still cannot find a solution and/or explanation. It seems like such a simple thing, but I am truly baffled. - Keisha


First, is this your manager's Outlook or your own?

Second, do you have a blackberry? If you do anything from a blackberry, it can cause havoc with your calendar (adding or removing a meeting).

It sounds as if the Auto Archive feature is enabled and is automatically moving the information to an archive file.


I don't have an immediate answer for you, but I have found it very helpful to go to and type in your problem (i.e. Appointments dissapearing in Outlook Calendar) then do a search. I have found the answers to many of my questions this way. I have sent an email to our Outlook 'guru' and if he has a answer I will post it here. Good Luck. Pam Wilson, Network Coordinator MIS

Check this out...

In Outlook - click on your calendar and then right click and go to properties.

Click on the AutoArchive tab. I would guess that you have "Permanently Delete Old Items" clicked. Try the "Move To" option and select the length of time you would like to keep your appointments in Outlook.

I hope this helps!


When you're in your calendar, on the far left under My Calendars, click on Calendar in Archive Folders and see if your past appointments are there. Hope it helps!
Betty, Admin. Assist. to Deputy Chief

We had this problem in our office as well. Does the calendar you're managing have more than one person able to make/accept appointments? If so, somebody may be deleting the meeting without knowing it.

Our boss has shared her calendar with 3 of us. When my boss gets a meeting request, the three "delgates" also get a copy to respond on her behalf. If Delegate A or the boss accepts the request and Delegate B or C delete the request, the meeting will disappear from the boss's calendar. It took some trial & error to figure out what was happening. We solved this by each creating a "Meeting Request" folder. If the boss or one of the other delegates responds to the meeting requests, it will show who and when on each of the requests. If we see it's been handled, we just move it to the "Meeting Request" folder instead of deleting it so the meeting stays on the calendar.

Hope that helps!

Sounds like there is a problem happening with the exchange server. That or someone else has access to your calendar and is deleting appointments. Document any information you can and contact your IT Dept and let them know. Chances are they will replace your computer.

In the mean time, you will have to do things the old fashioned way. Keep a hard copy of your calendar with you and make changes on both the outlook version and your hard copy.

Hope this help!!

Teyah Y., Exec Asst to CFO

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