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Searching for an Outlook solution

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Question: How do I post, as an All Day Event in an Outlook calendar, a lengthy reminder that will wrap the text so you can view the complete reminder, whether it’s two or three lines? - Anonymous


The only thing I could do with this was put a begin and end time. You could put a start time as 8:00 a.m. and end time of 5:00 p.m. (or whatever your typical day hours are). In order to get your comment info to show, go to "View"/"Arrange by"/"Current View" and choose "Day Week Month with AutoPreview". Good luck!

There is small check box you can use that makes it an all day event.

What I generally do is name the reminder and write "Open This". That reminds me that there are some things I need to read and to open the reminder. Other than that, there probably isn't a way to read 3 lines of text.

Karen is correct. Another tip: When printing your daily calendar, use the option entitled Calendar Details and that will give you everything there is inside each appointment.

I never use this feature, as it places the appointment as a single line at the top of the calendar - where it usually goes unnoticed.

Insert the START and CONCLUDE times so the appointment will DISPLAY as a FULL DAY on the calendar. If you have info in the body of the appointment that you want everyone to see, type "SEE ENCLOSED MESSAGE" (or, as another poster suggested, "OPEN THIS" after any other info you insert on the SUBJECT line.

You really can't post this as an 'all day event' in this case - if you want to see what's been written in the subject line. You'll have to do as suggested above and list the times for the event as 8a - 5p (for example). Even after doing that you can only see the three lines that have been written in the subject area when you mouse over the subject line. Then it will appear for you to read. I suggest typing something in the subject line that will catch your attention and tip you off so that you will in-fact open that message and read it in its entirety. I do this myself - often.

I appreciate your responses. My boss doesn't want it to take up room in her calendar (thus the all-day event) but doesn't want to have to open anything - just to see it all there when she logs in for the day. It sounds like there might not be a way to wrap the text on an "all day event" reminder. Thank you

How would you handle an office secretary who is continly giving you her work load. She has even gone to our boss and have had her give it to us to handle. I am a clerk and get paid as an clerk yet, I am expected to do the secretary duties. How can I decline and keep my job.

Becky 2, you'll get more answers if you post this question under a separate topic. To do this, email your dilemna to Someone there will post your question. Best of luck!

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