What’s the best way to handle ‘negaholics’?

Question: “What are some ideas for handling negativity in the workplace? I work in a small government agency and there are so many “negaholics.” What is the best way to handle these people?” —Lynnette


This is a tricky answer and it depends on the position of the worker. Start pointing out the good things about the job or the position they hold, make comparisons to McDonalds, and Wendy’s etc. working on your feet all day and not being appreciated. Upper management; this is always a good conversation of recent corporate jobs they have gone away, with no buyouts or early retirement, just gone

Our government agency had the same problem and actually did a two day retreat with the supervisors and administrative staff invited. During the retreat they had a representative from University of Phoenix free of charge to come in and provide some tools to assist in changing the work environment attitude. Learning about the different work styles and personalities and how has been a hugh help. As the first respondent stated it will depend if your upper management is willing to fix or if they are part of the problem.

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The most important thing is to not let them drag you down with them. People who are chronically negative are people are unhappy with their lives and are looking to have people join in their unhappiness. They likely don’t even realize how negative they are. If it’s someone you have a good relationship with, you can talk to them one-on-one and bring it to their attention. I did this with a person I worked with, she had no realization that she was as negative as she was and once she was aware of it, was able to make changes.

100% totally agree with the last comment! Right on target.